Why I Want All Of Us To Sing?

As I work with the power of voice to inspire, reconnect and empower of body, mind, spirit and heart I become more passionate to introduce everybody to the power of their voices. Yes, voices! as our physical voice is only one of the amazing voices we have in our...

Day 40 – Music is Healing

Music is healing and joy!! I am so happy to tell you that the music Leo and I performed this summer in festivals is finally going to come out in EP on November 6. We are giving a FREE song to our friends and to all who LIKE it. http://bit.ly/1xFcPP4. Leo and I are...

Free Guided Visualization With Sound Healing

Let me share with you my morning activation to help you clarify your vision for the day and uplift your morning practice in Just 7 minutes.

Just download and enjoy every morning.

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