Heal yourself, your family and our world with meditation and a song

Inner World Peace Event


A Live Sound Meditation and Singing Event

You are invited to join the shamanic sound healer Galitta for an afternoon of deep relaxation and joy. We begin by connecting you to your authentic voice and innate peace with a shamanic sound journey. Once aligned with Self, we continue together with a sacred mantra concert to express outward joy and manifest a vision of world peace.  


Inner World Peace is not only about Self but also about community and collective healing. The beautiful thing is, that once we unite our authentic voices in song, their power becomes amplified. We need each other because we are more powerful as a united whole. For this reason, Inner World Peace is a place where we can come together and gradually heal the world by beginning with ourselves.

So join us to our first on-location Inner World Peace to unleash our voices and raise our collective vibration!


Musicians and Artists

Thomas Kwakernaat – Hang, double bass, guitar, and voice

Victor Sams – Djembe, Ngoni harp

Mariandoro- Voice, Kalimba, and Guitar

Galitta – shamanic drum and voice

Yafit Taranto- Video Artist

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Inner World Peace- Sound Meditation and Singing Event with Galitta

The Shamanic Sound Journey

Why our Sound Journey is so transformative?  

Galitta’s Sound Journey is a shamanic journey that is also a spoken guided meditation with sound healing.
The sounds, chants, and healing songs are channeled on the moment of the journey and have a high vibration and coded healing frequencies. 

The purpose is to bring us into a state of “no time, no space” that allows the lister to enter their own subconscious mind with full awareness and autonomy. The effect brings our brain waves into Theta and Delta brain waves that proved to dismantle stress and overthinking. 

In this state, we experience the field of pure potentiality and oneness. From this state, we can see the truth clearly and observe ourselves and our problems from a higher vantage point. Galitta’s sound journey brings us insight, grounding, and inner peace. The sound Journeys are created with the intention of unconditional love and healing to all. 

Inner World Peace Initiative 

A loving initiative to manifest peace collectively 

Can you imagine what would happen to humanity if each individual on this planet would feel peaceful and loving within? Can you picture how we’d interact with each other? How we’d all live, love and lead like true Kings and Queens?

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.”
 Yoko Ono

Why is this so important NOW? 

There’s a massive shift in consciousness happening on the planet right now. Maybe you’ve noticed it already. There’s a deep yearning within so many people to reconnect to their true nature, to themselves. We are aware that people need help with this. We are all hungry to find inner peace and expand our hearts. This initiative will help you experience this. We’re so excited to support you in the process!

What’s so special about Inner World Peace 

 The Inner World Peace Mantra is a song that consists of two different elements. Both elements raise the song’s frequency to a high vibration. The first element is the Ho’opono Pono prayer and the other is the Light Language.  

Ho’opono Pono Prayer

The Hoóponopono prayer originates from Hawaii. It is an old practice that ignites forgiveness and reconciliation. It has been used to many many years to heal relationships and manifest abundance and prosperity. It consists of four simple phrases:

I’m sorry, Please forgive me……..Please forgive me, Thank you

Light Language 

The Language of Light is a universal language understood by every single person on a soul level. No matter what language you speak with your mind; your heart will always understand the Light Language. It speaks to our DNA directly, as its vibrations move through all layers to deeply heal us through sound. Listen with your soul, not only with your ears. You’ll feel its message.

The Maharishi Effect

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted in 1960 that Transcendental Meditation, practiced collectively, would measurably improve the quality of life for people in society. In 1976 the first research backed this up when 1% of the community practiced the TM techniques and crime rates dropped 16%. This is known as the Maharishi Effect.  

Many researchers have dedicated studies to the impact of coherence in society. More and more research seems to suggest that there is indeed a field of collective consciousness that connects us all, and that this field can be influenced positively. 

Another research has shown that by practicing gratitude consistently, over time people experience positive effects on their minds and bodies. People taking part in the research noted they even felt 25% happier!

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Meet Galitta

Galitta Tassa is the originator of the Four Voices Framework, inspirational speaker and storyteller, singer and songwriter, sound healer and spiritual teacher. She guides men and women towards more joy, fulfilment, connection in their lives. By using a mixture of teachings and tools to get people to reconnect with their body, mind, heart and spirit (the four voices), she helps people to go from feeling unsure and restless to feeling whole and happy.

Know Yourself, Express Yourself

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