Four Voices Healing Method

Your Voice can heal your Heart,
Your Creativity can heal your Spirit,
Your Song can heal your Body,
Your Words can heal your Mind

The Four Voices Medicine Wheel Method is the method we use in all of our products, online sound healing course, events, and guidance. It’s a tool that allows you to navigate all of your being: your body, mind, heart, and spirit. They all have their own voice. The key is to listen to all these voices.

Why is this so important?

We all have blocks or issues preventing us from reaching wholeness and manifesting our full potential. When we give way to all voices, we can liberate ourselves from these blocks and reunite all of who we are: our inner King and inner Queen.

Inner Voice
Connect to your spirit. Develop your intuition. Cultivate inner peace.
Physical Voice
Enhances body, love and health. Feel more grounded & confident. Take pleasure in your sensuality.
Emotional Voice
Strengthen your connection with other. Experience emotional healing. Invite more joy to your life.
Mental Voice
Master your minds & thoughts. Lead your life with clarity. Communicate in a focused way.

How can you understand Four Voices Method

The heart of the Four Voices Method is the ancient Medicine Wheel. This wheel represents the journey you must take to truly gain self-understanding and fulfillment. The Four Voices Framework represents the four directions – the north, east, south, and west – as well as the four seasons that represent the cyclical nature of life. You progress through each of the four quadrants by exploring, testing, and owning your ‘Voice’ in each. Each Voice uses a unique set of exercises to help you discover, learn and grow.

The Voice of the Body

The Physical voice is the home of summer season, the earth element, and the power of physical health and manifestation.

Energizing our Physical voice through singing, and through breathing and posture exercises is so liberating and joyful. When we use the physical voice we become present in our body and that is the first step to empowerment.

When you explore your physical voice, you start to connect your breath, to your posture. You can feel how your voice affects the air around your body, your ears listen, you sense yourself in space you sense yourself in relation to others. This is a very grounding tool that connects you to your sensual power and brings you back to your presence.

The Voice of the Spirit

The Spirit Voice is the home of the spring season, the fire element, the start of the wheel, full of passion and energy to grow.

By listening to our Inner voice, through sound healing meditations, we connect to our Self and initiate grounding and balancing. It helps us to recognize what we are in essence, what we find essential, and what our deep desires are.

You can access this voice by tuning in and listening to the highest version of you, your soul.

This voice connects you to the infinite wisdom of your subconscious, your personal guidance system, and your soul family. By connecting to your inner voice, you enter your own inner kingdom of support from universal intelligence and your intuition and creativity.

“It is through discovering and embracing our own polarities that we can find the middle point where your divine self lives happily. When we can embrace all that we are, the genius part of us and the stupid part of us, the loud and the quiet, the light and the shadow, the brave and the fearful, we realize that you can be both and there is no longer a conflict, nothing is being denied. Our voices can be the medium by which to access this.”- Galitta

The Voice of your Heart

The home of the autumn season, water element, and the ability to heal and experience true emotional health and joy.

The realm of our Emotional voice is where we connect to our unheard shadows. It will teach us where the blockages are so we can free ourselves from limitations and create health. This voice presents us with an opportunity to connect to the magnificent power of our heart’s magnetic field. In fact, research shows that it has its own intelligence.

With Shamanic rituals, using sound vibration, we help those invisible voices descend from our unconscious to our conscious. This process activates healing. That is when playfulness and daily happiness becomes our new way of being.

The Voice of the Mind

The home of the winter season, the air element, the power of vision and understanding, and the place to master command over our life.

The voice of the Mind focuses on the intellectual, the understanding of the journey, and personal discovery. We all know that our thoughts influence how we feel about ourselves and others, how we act, what we say, what we do, and what we don’t dare to do. This voice can become the ‘Monkey Mind’ that drives us away from ourselves.

Through exercises we translate feelings and experiences into words and sentences, helping us to implement change in our reality and relationships. We learn to apply the most effective way to manifest in our life what we need or want. Learning to work with our mental voices helps us to understand and transform our belief system, and our programming and upgrade our mindset.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
– Maya Angelou

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