Let’s Be More of who we are & PRACTICE that!

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Maybe you feel it too like I do.
Maybe you can see it in the world around you too: something has changed this summer, for all of us.
We are invited (or challenged) to be who we really are, play higher and better and obey our soul’s wishes, once and for all.
Any resistance on our part will sound like a scratch on a board.
Even the earth is not apologetic anymore and is shaking her elements in determination to find a new balance.

Time to allow ease to come into our lives
Time to allow higher guidance to talk to us
Time to accept that ‘want’ to live a higher frequency life
Time to admit that we have stopped ourselves, all this time
Then forgive ourselves.

This September is a new chapter, new school year, new Hebrew year and very soon a new season.
Here are some questions to ask ourselves now that life is ready to move forward giving us a new opportunity to create a better life.
1) What gives me pleasure and love?
2) What do I want more of?
3) What am I willing to do to experience it more?

Write down your answers.  Can you see that in your mind and feel gratitude for it for three WHOLE minutes?
Are you ready to start thinking with your heart, entering your new chapter and allow miracles?
I am.

In the east of Italy, inside a cold and magnificent waterfall, I gave up a thick layer of struggle.
In Lorelei festival in the woods, I said YES, to the wonderful unknown.
I would love to hear your experience….
To stay focused, we need a practice, a daily practice.

Try this free 5 minute morning visualization so you can wake up your voice and activate your focus every morning

Download it and add it to your phone and DO IT every morning.
It helps!!

Time to go back to practicing what we know is working for us.
We need good nutritious food
We need good sleep
We need to meditate
We need to share and experience love
We need to dance, sing, write or draw ?
We need to explore our creativity and learn something new.

Are you ready to create an exciting new chapter?
If yes, What it is? ( Write it down!! It is a manifestation tool)
If not, What holds you back? Be honest.
Please reply to me, and answer. I love that!!

With Great love and pure voice,


Get the morning activation
 and simply start


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