Your ancestors want to help you make your dream’s come true. Do you listen?

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Blog & Stories, Spirit Guide, Video

I was talking to a very kind man, who felt stuck and needed to have a breakthrough.
I sensed that he had many guides and ancestors who wanted him to allow them to help, connect, and advise.

“I don’t like my ancestors, I don’t feel supported”
That made me sad.

We had a long and deep talk. I learned something new.

I speak, work, and create with my ancestors all the time.
I thought most people feel the strength from connecting to guides and loved ones. I was wrong.

He educated me about the fears and shadow believes that some people have. I worked with him and I was delighted to see the lightness in his step and in the same afternoon he called that he can see more solutions to his problem.

I must admit that I can’t imagine my life and work without my lovely guides and wild soul family 🎁😀

Do you have an invisible team that supports your life decisions?

So, I made this video, to talk about the two main reasons we are avoiding the love and help that is offered to us.
Would it be fun to discover more about yourself and enjoy the wisdom and special talents you already have in yourself?

Watch the video and let me know if you feel comfortable with your guides and ancestors and like a new video about how to how to be creative and get to know yourself and ancestors better.

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