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I believe that the purpose of living is to create the life and the world that we want. I constantly investigating what is my and others’ manifestation and what is blocking them from coming into reality.

My mission as an artist and a guide is to show people how much power we all have in our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits. 

These are my answers to the question:
Why my manifestation is not working?

We all have at least one area of our life where things not working as we would like. We all have one or more areas of life that are the most challenging for us and which we grow the most.

Here are examples:

Jane never has issues with money but is often challenged with her health

Simone doesn’t have any issues with health or body image but never experiences home and family in a healthy way.

Ora grew up with a huge family and a happy home but never enjoyed professional success.

Yasim has a huge success since he is a young person but suffers from depression.

Hence from all the above examples, it is clear that manifesting for specific is not working.

why my manifestation doesn't work

5 reasons why manifestation isn’t working

The part of our life, where manifestation isn’t working is the part where we have the most fear and painful wound. This can come from the family line program, our Soul journey, or past life experience. It will be recreated in our life, mostly in our childhood, so we will have a chance to master ourselves and that particular issue. 

In other words:  

If there is something that you want and somehow you don’t get to have or make it happen for years and years, it is time to do emotional work. That is how you master your wound. 

Because the truth is: It doesn’t matter how much you plan, how much you invest, how much you learn, or how hard you work, if on the emotional level, it’s not right, the manifestation can’t happen. 

We make all of our actions and decision based on our emotional landscape and our subconscious mind and not only because of our conscious rational mind. 

I know we want to like to think that we are rational people it’s already scientifically proven that we are not rational people. https://www.simplypsychology.org/cognitive-bias.html.

manifestation not working

All our motivations come from the subconscious mind, the part of us that is mostly unknown to us. So if you want to manifest your dreams, you need to want to know yourself.

That’s why I’ll always say, know yourself, know yourself, know yourself.

To know yourself is a life journey of experiencing all of the aspects of our being our Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit, which I call The four Voices.

From experience, I see that many people get overwhelmed and stop their progress in the emotional part of themselves. Our societies don’t teach us how to manage our emotions and feelings and we have much shame and guilt about having them. That is part of learning about ourselves. What is my essence? What works for me? How do I need to support myself? Can I give that to myself?

When you know yourself better, you can express it. And that is so fulfilling. When you can share your own true, genuine, authentic voice with the world you come one step closer to wholeness. And this is called spiritual manifestation.

When you are balanced and whole your manifestation becomes your fingerprint you can do whatever thing that you want to create if it is a product, project, a family, a relationship, any insight, or any contribution that you want to give to the world.

You start with having a total alignment between what your head wants and what your heart wants.

So this is very important to know how to be in your emotional body. If it’s hard for you, you can be sure that this is where you need to help your manifestation flow. Manifestation is a voice healer for curing your inner feelings.

If you are like me and very comfortable with your emotion, or even your shadow there is something I am realizing and be confronted with. For many people law of attraction is not working, and this is the condition where they need to know their body’s emotional parts.

Shadow work and knowing your emotional life and doing healing, healing, healing, or all kind of levels are excellent, but I’m now starting to notice that healing can also be tricky.


When we are too comfortable with looking for what we need, healing, and looking for what is wrong, we can dig too much.

Anybody’s guilty?

Me 😊

In that case, we need to balance it out with the other side of manifestation raising the frequency of the vision.

manifestation working

It is when you raise your frequency to that level of manifestation. Here we come to the world of affirmations and practice and just being loyal to the vision that you have and taking the time to feel the happiness of that reality. 

This is how we change our brains by creating it in our imagination and telling our subconscious mind what we invite into our experience. 

Manifestation Not Working? How to fix 

Take out 10 minutes to bring yourself into the gratitude frequency, which we know already by now, we know it’s the highest vibration to be in, in order to create effortlessly in our lives. 

So when you are in gratitude, when your heart is open to the things that you already have, or to the joyful things you already do, or you already have, you are in the right frequency to manifest.

So I am now discovering the practice of high vibration manifesting and I sense that the ratio between how much I heal and how much I envision can change now. 

So ask yourself “Am I more comfortable with the digging and finding the thing that is a block or the envisioning with a positive feeling what I am creating? We can and should do both. 

We need both masculine and feminine. 

We need the ability to see and feel the happiness of the vision and stay in high frequency as much as possible. But at the same time, when we are triggered, when we feel that we are procrastinating (fear) or having strong negative emotions (pain), we need to do the healing work to go deeper and find out what’s there.

I love going deep inside the subconscious world. Sometimes when you take the time to go into your own inner world, you will find a very wounded little child inside your psyche and she will be so happy that you came and it can share with you what is its issues. 

Then in just a moment, when you have this interaction with that unseen part of yourself you notice that you brought the light of consciousness of love into that part. That is the miracle moment of transformation.

Manifestation Not Working? How to fix

Your manifestation will start to move.

What do you want to improve, create, and bring into being in your life? 

What will bring you more happiness?

Maybe you want to feel good about yourself. Then you spend your energy being in gratitude to yourself. Let your mind work and send it to look for evidence of things that you did well, things that you are proud of. 

Maybe you want to have more prosperity. Then you spend your energy being in gratitude for the abundance you already have. Let your mind work and send it to look for evidence of wealth you already have. 

It’s important to remember that we are a generation where the concepts of personal happiness or self-fulfillment existed.

Two generations before, think about your parents, your grandparents, this idea that you can fulfill yourself, bring your soul mission into the world, embody it and create a different life. That idea didn’t exist.

We are in rising consciousness.

Because of the nature of our times, we all have more healing to do. We are kind of the first wave of people that heal the pain of our past generations and bring a high vibration to the future generations.

When we are allowing ourselves to create the life we were meant to have and we are conscious of it, it’s easy for us to help others and our world. Manifestation techniques play a pivotal role in realizing our inner soul and thus fulfilling our present goals.


manifestation techniques

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