What shall I do?

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Blog & Stories, Video

What a weekend I had…

During the last new moon, I started a 21-day process of saying goodbye to the old me and welcoming and becoming the new me.
I recommend this to everyone who wants to transform something deep within themselves. The new me has a new name and an upgraded way to do things. I really like her 😜😊
She let go of all the heavy burden I collected along the way and was cheerfully ready to manifest her vision.

But just as I declared to the universe that I choose Faith and Love over Fear, that I am stepping into the new me, something came up to test me. Sometimes unexpected things happen that trigger our old old story.

The new restrictions announced by the government surprised us, and the event of Inner World Peace, which I worked so hard to put together, got into trouble.

Some of my musicians and audience will not be allowed in. I was faced with a difficult choice: should I be upset about this turn of events and cancel, or can I use my faith and creativity to turn this into something positive? The new me chose faith.

I decided to share with you my inner struggle, hoping it will help anyone out there. So in this video, you can see my honest thinking process from last Sunday, after the women who came to initiate this new cycle left my home.

With this choice, a wonderful friend of mine came to my aid and Inner World Peace is coming to Amsterdam!

The space is beautiful but limited and the event will be intimate, where I can see you all up close. There are only ten days left and there are now limited tickets available. Don’t miss out!

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