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thank you

Galitta, I just wanted to tell you it’s amazing how much you have to give: Professionalism- Spirituality – Essence – Femaleness  – Coolness – Touching the power life itself – Softness – intensity and the ability to talk / explanation / expression/sound/play/humor… (I ran out of air :-).

Thank you for allowing us to experience it all.



Thank you very very much Galitta Tassa, I have really experienced a great multidimensional universalistic shamanistic voice toning activation with you and the rest of the Ladies 🙂

I feel really refreshed and activated , when is the next one? I almost cant wait.

Sandro starchild


There should be more happiness-experts like you! it was a true gathering of colorful spirits!

Su Changoe – Tara mediation


I think you’re wonderful; you’re like a force of nature! TOTALLY inspiring! I’ve continued to be inspired by our meeting and am reconnecting with my own vision so I can make my business a win-win-win business.

Agnes Zenta –


Galitta is an inspiring woman with a big heart and she shows us how fun and great it is to really express yourself. She creates a loving and fun environment in which you are really able to overcome your fears and learn to experiment with expressing yourself. Working with Galitta means that all levels from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are touched within you. And at the same time you make fun. Just try and see.

Esther Janssen –


I had a great experience working with Galitta on her sacred voice and sound journeys. Because of this I have created an active bond with my voice and ancestor line within me. This allows me to be in connection to my core, which as an artist is key. It is wonderful to practice these methods and would recommend her interactive journeys for everyone!

Daniella rubinovitz –


The Festival is already three days behind. I am still thinking of how you inspired me by wearing a flower in your hair, putting on a show and being so witty and yet sensual and feminine. What inspired me most is your playfulness; playing all the time: with your voice, your body, our bodies, with words, with the public. I never imagined that spiritual growth could be so light and so funny.

Claudia van het Kaar –

I enjoyed our last Sound Journey. It had a powerful and healing effect on me, that lasted for weeks (!), so I’m very much looking forward to join the next Journey.

Astrid Kool


Thank you so much Galita for what you gave me and the other ladies last sunday. so vibrant, so very much alive !! mesmerized by your healing sound still, it took me to lively places inside myself ,places I have not been a long time.thank you.

yours truly Commanding and compassionate queen!

Love jeannette.


I experience Galitta as a loving and generous’ EnterTrainer.

In her Unique way she knows to bring the  entertainer, trainer and healer together and combine it with her singing and Use Your Voices! Roadmap.

I had the privilege of having her sing for me, Her voice embody her life experiences, authenticity and wisdom she gets deeper layers of your soul and brings something very beautiful in motion.

Willemijn Bijl trainer, coach and writer


It is with gratitude to all who contributed their unique treasures. I want to mention that I am so utterly happy with all you have been done from the beginning of the event, together with Joop Teggelove to the energizing and uniting end together with Mr Shirazy. Words cannot describe how grateful I am with all that happened yesterday.

Much love,

Leo Sonneveld – interconnectedness


Ik was erg onder de indruk van je workshop. Je deed wat je van nature doet, zo voelde het. Je deelde op wat je van nature (vast wel ergens een keer geleerd, maar zo’n onderdeel van jou geworden) in je hebt.

Mooi hoe je ons contact liet maken met ons hele lichaam. En dan die visualisatie…. prachtig! Het beeld was er al voordat je de tekst zei, zo mooi! Als cadeautje hield je je hand op mijn rug. Het gloeide nog lang na.

De worskhop heeft me geholpen om weer meer bij mezelf te komen, een stukje verdriet los te laten en te vullen met warmte en schoonheid.
Tot slot wil ik je bedanken voor je prachtige muziek. Je hebt mijn hele verjaardagsfeest gezongen… Dank je wel.

Anita van der Lee –


Sommigen van jullie heb ik reeds verteld over Galitta Tassa en haar event Show your colors. In mijn optiek een werkelijk zeer artistieke en energieke happiness-experte die haar studio gebruikt als locatie voor een samenkomst zo kleurrijk en inspirerend dat je werkelijk met meer naar huis gaat dan met hetgeen je kwam. Het is een ervaring, die ik jullie graag wil laten opdoen.

Jacquelien van Beers – Rijkdom Bewustzijn


“Your CD “The Thirteen” is in my heart & soul. Your music, art, & being is such a precious gift! The deepness of your soul, the greatness of your spirit is heard in your wonderful voice. You understand all the layers of human feelings and emotions through time, dream-, and vision- states back to the Shechinah & divine feminity. “Mekonent: The Mourning Woman” was calling me for a long time “to acknowledge my tears.” Today I cried hearing “Neviah: The Prophetess” for “the ability to speak out and be heard.”



“Your songs touch me where healing is required. Your voice moves me deeply, gives me goose bump for guides, angels, ancestors, and all aspects of the Shechinah are singing through you, bringing me home!”



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