What is the most delightful way to give your nerve system a break?

by | May 19, 2022 | Blog & Stories

Did you know that you have a very long, vagus nerve that runs from your brain all the way to your large intestine It influences your breathing, digestive function, and heart rate, all of which can have a huge impact on your mental health?

Why am I telling you this? 

Because this knowledge changed my life. 

Did you know that anxiety is an emotion that can be calmed by stimulating the vegas nerve? 

And now for the most amazing news. 

You don’t need medication, no doctors, no expensive equipment, no waiting time and you don’t need anybody. 

The ways to calm and stimulate your vagus nerve are some of my favorite practices. 

Here are some: 

Meditation is calming our vagus nerve

  1. Singing – also sounding and speaking and laughing. As the Vagus nerve runs along the side of your neck and is connected to your vocal cords and to the muscles in the back of your throat 🙂
  2. Meditating – I love all meditations but especially shamanic, and sound meditations
  3. Self-massage– what is more delightful
  4. Breathing– Oh my god, what we can not do with breath ( relax, stimulate, heal) 


There are more ways to stimulate and calm your vagus nerves like cold showers, good sleep, probiotics, and essential oils. 

If you want to know more you can get this lovely Good Book

So because I love those effective practices and I do and teach them for 18 years and as I design all we will need for our future Fertile Ground Tribe (training, classes, sound meditations) I decided to run a few classes as a live event because together is much more fun than alone 🙂 

Inviting you to Join our first try out class 

Coming Home to Yourself: shamanic meditation and Voice healing class

We will breathe, self-massage, sound our voice and take a deep shamanic divine meditation and become relaxed and renewed.

It’s easy to join us online from the comfort of your own home.

Coming Home to Yourself: Shamanic journey and voice healing classes 

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