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I am so excited to start our Express Your Spirit challenge.

You know why?

It is very selfish but in a healthy way 🙂

The truth is that Amout (fear Force) was sitting on my happy energy. I was shrinking myself for ages, not to be too happy, not to show my power and other nonsense which I’m sure you recognize.

Many of us Goddessa, empaths, sensitives, lightworkers, feel this very deeply. We feel and know we are on a mission to make this planet rise in frequency, but our history here is shockingly painful.

If we are aware of it or not, something is holding us back.  If you look around you the most beautiful people are not valuing themselves, are self-critical and not always appreciated fairly.
I know it is hard to see this, but it is changing.
A flip is coming.
They actually call it the shift.

Back to this challenge, I am excited because I broke some of the barriers in my head and my emotional body and this time I gave myself permission to be even more in alignment and do two of my favorite things: Creativity and Spirit. I personally have a Personal Spirit Guides for composing music, writing stories, painting and even parenting and I believe that this is the biggest source of Happiness and well being.

We are going to have so much fun and also healing.

Inner Voice

Let me tell you more about the Challenge. 

This is our springtime season challenge. In the Happy Goddessa Guide Springtime is the season that is connecting us to the fire element, to our spirit, to the inner voice. It is where we listen that we are listening to the inner voice and dive into our subconscious mind.  This season challenge is to get connected deeper into the expression of our own spirit.

I like to tell you a little bit about how it’s going to work:

  • Our Goal is to create one picture or short video that is our expression to someone special.
  • This Challenge is going to be only five days ( previously it was 108 days and 21 days) because I want you to complete and win!!
  • Every morning you’re going to get the video out with assignment or a short session, around 15 min per day.
  • The day challenges struct you in the steps. The end result that we want is the expression of you sending a message to a person in the love.

Day One- Who and How do I Love?

Visualization/Meditation: We are going to go into our inner kingdom and getting connected into that spirit voice of ourselves and choose the person or the people or the things that he would like to dedicate this expression too.

Day Two-What I want to Say?

Writing: In the second day, we’ll have a very short writing exercise to bring the juices of your own creative writing. Even if you think that you cannot write, your spirit will express itself through you.

Day Three- How Do I want it to Vibrate?

painting/crafting: In the third day, we will choose the colors and the methods of putting it together. You can choose how far you want to do that. I will show you a few ways that will make it easy for you to express your words in colors and shapes. Your Spirit will love that. 

Day Four- Which Way I Want to Show myself?

Presentation: Then on the fourth day, we would look at the expression of how do we want to appear in the pic/video? do we want to appear?  So the next question asks what our manifested expression.

Day Five- How will I like to put it together?

And in the fifth day, we’re gonna put it all together into an expression that will be resulted in a picture or 10 seconds video, which will be later with your permission, put it together. We are going to make a Music video on one of the songs that I wrote about love.

it’s not about the destination or having the final product. It’s about the process of spending 10 to 15 minutes per day, sometimes shorter into coming into contact into this inner spirit that has all the answers of the whole world in your own vessel and getting connected to what is it that my spirit would like to know, what colors is the right things and just to help you enjoy bringing up your creativity in a way that’s sparks, joy and inspiration. So this is what it is about and I’m very happy you’re here and I hope you’re going to have fun.

But there’s one more thing I would like to say!!.

and it is the fact that The Opponent will show itself. The opponents, the kabbalistic term for the Ego-force, the little personality in us.
It’s also known as the Ego or Fear or Resistance.

Every time when we are trying to extend ourselves, every time we are about to realize something.
Every time we are about to expand our possibilities or conquer new territories, the opponents will appear.

I call it Amout in my stories and I ‘m sure that this force will come and will try to hold you back, to delay you, to give you excuses.

“I cannot” ….”don’t have time”….”I skip it today”… “maybe I shouldn’t”…All Amout tactics.

I want you to be aware, and when it comes, you are going to recognize it.
‘I know this. I know this. Amout force trying to delay me from opening something, expanding myself in some kind of way’.

So you’re going to say: “no thank you, and you’re going to take your 10 minutes, to complete the daily challenge”

Then we reach the Challenge goal to Create and Share our expression ( with one of many people, your choice)
We will share that expression with the world and send love and healing.

This whole process is about healing because the essence of our spirit is joyful and creative.

This is my intention:
That you can really enjoy discovering things about writing, painting, presenting, meditating, discovering the new spirit, a voice, and your inner voice, and to enjoy that in the process.

I will also be present in the Facebook group where I’m going to be there to answer your questions, to discuss things with you too, to enjoy, to share, to inspire that you will complete and win over your procrastination opponent enemy, and to do give and share your expression.

Thank you for signing and I will see you in the challenge. Thank you. Thank you.

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