Day 9 – Welcoming Heritage

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What do I intensely appreciate today?

Today I am appreciating the heritage and even religion.
In our normal daily life I don’t give time for that, but today, visiting the middle ages city Rocamadour I can hear the voices of the past.

The Black Madonna is an ancient statue that is here before Christianity but her message of earthly given mother is strong.
Everything around me is in relation to Jerusalem, my birth city.

Sometimes I am one with the human search for the unity, the oneness.
The ancestors of this land, south of France, are not different from the ancestors of mine, yours.
The pilgrims, the crusaders, all in search of the dream of divine love.

We all have the same Human heritage and for that, I have big love and total appreciation.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I accept that my body is still tired from the last months and years. The body needs time.

Was I loyal to myself, today?

Yes, also to the Me of my ancestors. I honored them.

What am I intensely creating?

A book that also contains sacred geometry.

A question for you: 
when you remember or observe your heritage can you love and accept the shadow side of it?

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