Days 11-12 – Weekend body appreciation

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Day 11-12 of the 108 days journey challenge of Intense appreciation to life

What do I intensely appreciate today?

On Saturday I was fasting. On Sunday I continued a bit longer.
I am not that good at that. I know people who fast for days or even weeks.
But this year I could see that my body reacts better.

I Intensely appreciate my body for recovering so much this year.
I Intensely appreciate my heart, my liver, my kidneys, my spleen, my blood, my lungs, my digestive system, my womb, my glans, my brain, bones, my skin and all other body functions for working all year to support my earth life experience.

I intensely appreciate the people who helped me learn how to heal my physical body.
I Intensely appreciate the fact that this 108 days challenge is designed to move me from a survival mentality to flow mentality.
I Intensely appreciate myself (yes, yes) for going through this two years journey to heal my Physical body from the immense stress I live under and bringing me back from almost a burnout.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I have to accept that deeply forgiving to myself is not yet over, yet.
I need to clear sometime just for that ceremony.

Was I intensely honest about whom I am and was loyal to myself?

As part as showing who I am and now, that my site is as it should be.
I feel that the extension of this question is to connect to others people on line.
It is something I have avoided.
Ulla la that is honest…. Auuuuch!
I am going to add that actions to my challenge.

What I am intensely creating and do I share it?

I wrote my speech for Stand up Inspiration and I feel I am coming full circle. Sharing will be done in two days 🙂

The Challenge Questions are:

What do I intensely appreciate today?
What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?
Am  I intensely honest about who I am and am I loyal to myself?
What I am intensely creating and do I share it? 

A question for you:
Are you inspired to take your own Journey? Let me guide you

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