Ways to live a contented life with Sound Healing Meditation

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Given that the entire universe is made from particles, it is prone to be affected by the sound waves that make the particles vibrate. Every living creature has a vibration frequency and can be affected by sound frequencies.

Have you ever thought about why certain songs or music invokes strong emotions in you?

Sound frequencies affect us, which is why sound healing meditation is very effective in fighting ailments of the body, mind, and spirit. Sound frequency healing is nothing new but has been around for ages. In this technique, the practitioner uses tonal frequencies to create a state of vibration balance and harmony within the human body.

There is a lot to discover about shamanic sound healing. Galitta Tassa, a certified sound healing practitioner, based out of the Netherlands, describes sound healing meditation as a form of acoustic sound concern where the individual bathes in the soothing sounds and vibrations. She helps people heal their body, mind, and soul using the Four Voices Healing Method.

Let’s learn more about sound healing meditation and how it can lead to a more contented life.

What is Shamanic sound healing?

It is the practice of using vibrations in shamanic drums, Tibetan singing bowls, Gongs, or any other musical instrument to initiate a state of relaxation to offer emotional and physical wellbeing.

Galitta practices shamanic sound healing meditation and helps her pupil relieve anxiety, overcome physical pain, calm thoughts and fix sleeping difficulties with guided meditation sessions. There are several ways to use sound frequency healing to improve the quality of life. One of the most commonly used methods is the yogic chanting of “Om”. In yogic meditation, using Om sound through chants is a way to harmonize the vibrations within the body to maintain health and wellbeing. However, there is no chanting in sound healing meditation.

In sound frequency healing, the person is put through musical vibrations and guided into a state of trance by the expert. Such a state stabilizes the heart rate, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and aids metabolism.

There are some expected benefits of professionally guided sound healing meditation. But here are many more.

Sound frequency healing for natural happiness

Natural happiness is quite different from what we humans perceive as true happiness. It is not the comfort of material objects or the satisfaction achieved through the right person or situation. It is a natural state that we humans are born with. You can witness genuine happiness in babies. They don’t need money to be happy in a particular location, do the right thing, or express their emotions; they are just excited without even trying.

It won’t be easy to attain natural happiness if you try. The more you try, the harder it will get. Shamanic sound healing is easy to find genuine happiness by bringing harmony to your body, mind, and soul. It exists within us, and we must find a way to untrap this happiness. With mediation, you can unlock your natural happiness.

To live a fully content life, you must take your focus away from the mundane daily acts that are not fulfilling and stop getting entangled with the lesser emotions. These intangible factors make it very difficult to feel a happy state inherently. With sound frequency healing, you can train your mind to focus on acts and emotions that matter.

In many traditions, shamanic sound healing is used to inherently inspiring the states of joy, happiness, and goodness in people. Shamanic drumming can stimulate the inner sense of fulfillment that most people seek in their lives but cannot attain. Physically, mentally, and spiritually healing the person can help inherit the natural state of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Physical benefits of sound healing meditation

A content life is never possible with an ailing body. Fortunately, with sound frequency healing, you can improve the physical state of your body, thereby boosting your quality of life.

Most modern-age ailments are related to stress which is why they can be relieved with sound therapy. Problems like depression, stomach pain, blood pressure, and joint pains can be healed with sound healing meditation. It can help improve the quality of sleep that helps the body recover from stress and anxiety. Improved metabolism lowers cholesterol levels and minimizes the risk of heart diseases. Furthermore, sound therapy sessions are known to balance the chakras and clear any energy blockages. It has the same effect on the body as a deep tissue massage.


Sound healing meditation is an excellent therapy to improve the quality of life and be more content. If you are feeling overly stressed and anxious most of the time, your body may benefit from a shamanic sound healing session guided by an expert.

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