Vlog: Healing The Divine Masculine to Create More Love

by | Nov 28, 2020 | Blog & Stories, Healing

With all the challenges and difficulties I see everyone around me becoming MORE of who they meant to be.

I realized that for me it is all about LOVE. Self-love, relationship love, friendship love, healing our family line and communities to have more love. 

A few weeks ago the call came. 

The king, the masculine, the Yin part of us needed love and attention. For years and years, I work, heal, create, and serve the divine feminine: what I call the inner queen in any one of us. But now the king needed help.

I know that the balance between the Inner king and the queen is all that matters.
Because a return to LOVE is what it is all about.

In this video, we talk about how to heal the divine masculine, for our personal life and our world, right now.

Please watch and share with me, how do you experience your Inner king at this time.


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