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Choose light in these times

We choose light by choosing and feeling light every day by activating love in ourselves and activating gratitude and sharing it with people, with sharing kindness with strangers. with being consciousness with our writing, with what you create, whatever you say,...

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DubtiMystic Story

The DubtiMystic music project of Leo and Galitta is bringing out their second EP this spring 2017. The second EP We Are Made of Stars is a new collaboration to bring to life the sounds of the divine feminine and divine masculine together....

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Peptalk: Keep you PERSONAL POWER alive

Sometime it looks like darker force have power over our life and freedom, but that is an illusion. Your voice, your mind, heart, body and spirit are yours to command , if you want. If we are in alignment it feels so good, if we are off it feel not so good. Hold on to...

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The power of voice expression

A video about the power of Self- Expression to create the life you want. Expressiveness is not only for expressive people, it is for everyone who is alive. To be able to express hidden aspects of ourselves to ourselves, is the most powerful you can do for self...

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