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We believe that empowered and happy people are leading social change.
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Don’t Forget Your Voice and Unique Signature!

Use Your Voices program helps entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches to find your authentic voice and purpose so you can live the life you meant to live with inner power, joy, and confidence without wasting years procrastinating or self-doubt.

The Use your Voices program is our core program. It’s a program during which you can trust that we will lovingly guide you to a deeper understanding of YOU. During this 6-week program you will go through the entire Four Voices Framework. This method will help you reconnect to all of your four voices: the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit voice. They all speak. We’ll help you listen with presence.

Let’s get practical: this is the program

It includes

  • 6 weeks in total
  • 2 days of LIVE training in Amsterdam
  • The Four Voices Framework
  • Inspiring videos and audio lessons



  • Sound healing journeys
  • Weekly group coaching (Zoom)
  • Private community (Facebook and WhatsApp)
  • Meditations & Visualization 

You’ll enter an intense and supportive environment of learning, exploring and creating while transforming shadow beliefs and harmful mindset into inspirational vitality and conviction 

with Galitta Tassa

This is what you can expect

  • It’s a program you follow once. We start a new cycle with every season, so you can join every three months.
  • The program includes four aspects of learning from sensory to analytical, from creative to practical.
  • We need 28 days to change our brain and introduce new habits. In this program, we build it up step by step until we are feeling solid in ourselves and the world we are creating.

What would this program bring you?

⭐A deeper connection with yourself and others

⭐Clarity on what you truly desire to focus on in this life 

⭐Tools and skills to feel centered, grounded and connected to your authentic self

⭐Making decisions with more ease, confidence and direction

⭐Detoxing from old patterns, embracing the new

⭐Transforming low self-esteem into abundant self-love

⭐Releasing the blocks so creativity can flow freely

⭐A strong voice that expresses your truth consciously

⭐Lasting happiness and feeling whole again! because you’ve united your inner King and Queen

This is what the program look like…

Online private first session for people who take the 6 weeks Program 

Step #1: Take the journey: 

The start the understanding who we are and what we want to become.

  • Defining the goals and our individual plan with a self- evaluation and writing,
    to answer who am I right now and whom do I want to be.

Live workshop 19 February 2023 in Amsterdam 11.00-17.00 

Step #2: Connect and Know Spirit and Your Inner Voice 

Step #3:Connect and Love Your Body and Your Singing Voice

In this day workshop we will: 

  • Learn how to enter our inner world and our subconscious mind with shamanic Sound Journey technics. 
    and command it to our will to create peace of mind and clear vision.
  • Release fear from using the physical voice to bring healing to your body and joyful expression to your life. 
  • Deeply connect to your voice, grounding, pleasure, sensuality and manifestation abilities. 

Second Online sharing session

Live Workshop 19 March 2023 in Amsterdam 11.00-17.00 

Step #4:Connect and Heal Your Heart and Your Emotional Voice

Step #5:Connect and Lead Your Mind and Your Mental Voices

In this day workshop we will: 

  • Learn how to activate the Heart and Mind Coherence with sound and voice
  • Release old pain and and let the inner child come out to play 
  • Understand our choices and believes, and how to transform our shadows. 
  • Experience positivity and master thinking and new habits.

Sunday 26 March: Online closing group session 

Step #6 integrating and evaluation: Creating our action plan and our daily practice. 





You’ll activate your creative force which will inspire you to aim higher and look at the value of your dreams

This is the projected outcome

– You will know how to navigate in your own subconscious mind and manifest your desire in the world.

– You will feel more confidence in your being and presence.

– You’ll feel more empowered to achieve your personal and professional goals (you define them in the beginning of the program).

– You will know who you truly are and who you are not.

– You’ll find a new level of confidence and personal/ professional presentation.

– You’ll get tools to understand your own brain and spirit and how to maintain your growth on a daily basis.

– You’ll bring out different aspects of our being and personalities, to become broader and live on a bigger platform.

– You’ll understand your pitfalls and how to work with it on a daily basis.

Hi I’m Galitta

Galitta Tassa is the originator of the Four Voices Framework, inspirational speaker and storyteller, singer and songwriter, sound healer and spiritual teacher. She guides men and women towards more joy, fulfilment, connection in their lives. By using a mixture of teachings and tools to get people to reconnect with their body, mind, heart and spirit (the four voices), she helps people to go from feeling unsure and restless to feeling whole and happy.

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