A Thought About Keeping Our Dreams Alive

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it's spring! amazing things

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as you’ll die today” James Dean

Sometimes we forget about the dreams we had when we were kids, and meet them again when we are told we have three months to live.

Sometimes we grow up so proper that we look at our dreams as if they are embarrassing aspects of our innocent self.

Sometimes we sacrifice our dreams to the altar of a “more sensible” way of life.

Whatever we do with our dreams, we always have them hiding in the giant spaces of our subconscious mind, wanting to come to light.

Sometimes our dream becomes true and we are not surprised, and sometimes our dream doesn’t become true and we stop believing it can.

If you are an awakened person, new dreams are born all the time. I wish that for everybody.

But how do we keep believing in the vision of our dreams when we feel that “nothing happened” for decades?

How do you keep your dream alive?

As a child, I was dreamy and enthusiastically told about my imagined world. My grandmother, who came from the old country and was delightfully astonished by the dreams I had for my future, always giggled saying: this child can make the elephants laugh.

One time, standing on my hands, I told her an idea.  My mother says that most of our childhood conversations were with my feet. I told her something I thought about: ”I will live in Hollywood”.

My mother became white and came close to me looking really worried. She thought I was bordering madness. We are a small tribe of devoted and religious people and that crazy wish “was dangerous.”

I didn’t understand why I could never say it again. And why she blamed our new TV set. I really enjoyed building imaginary castles in my head and play with them. Then I would take the castles down and go to do something earthy like climbing a tree.

So, did I go to Hollywood? Yes, as a tourist with my children during the summer holiday. Was that my dream? No.

But as a child I knew, like all children know, that we weave reality by playing with dreams, colors, shapes sounds and crazy ideas.

My exact dream was formulated later in life when I got to learn about the world and a burning desire for creation was born. I dream to see every woman and girl on this planet FEEL and be TREATED as Goddessa. My personal dream is to be part of this movement towards beautiful evolution with my unique contribution.

My special heart dream didn’t even become true yet.

Life threw me a curveball, as it does.

I only now see its biggest meaning.

This challenge, that took me years to learn to accept, is meant to become part of the dream, but I didn’t know it then.

You see, we get to see our dream from one angle only. We don’t know all of the hidden sparkly surprises until much later.

Life had a plan and she was asking me to follow her path to the dream. And even though I thought I made the dream all by myself, I learned that a lot of other fantastic forces are involved with it.
We are not an island – we are a miraculous particle of an endless force.

So how do we keep our dreams alive? And how you let them manifest?

Few things I discovered on my long road to fulfilling my dreams.

it's spring! open1) Dreams are playthings that you should enjoy whatever the outcome.

2) Your dream comes to you from the bigger and mostly invisible part of you. It is not yours alone. There is a network of great forces of Angels and more cheering you on. They hope that your disruptive mind will not lead you astray and that you will hear the sound of your own voice.

3) Attachment to dreams, heavy feelings and old pains deform them. They are butterflies that are wonderful to watch, but touching will ruin them.

4) Seeing your dream in your mind-eye generates joy that should be enjoyed, doesn’t matter why.

5) Eventually, they will get cemented into a plan and new dreams will be born.

6) Every soul that walks the earth has a birthright to have their dream manifested. For many of us, this is the earth experience we came here for.
Your burning desire is valuable.

7) The more time you spend playing with your dream in your mind to the point that it makes you have a little smile, the more fun you have and the faster it will come to form.

So go play in the privacy of your own mind heart and spirit, take the time and space to let them talk to you. Enjoy it and play more, until some inner drive to follow an action will come and show you the way further.

So What is the dream that gives you joy? what would you like to happen to you as a surprise from heaven? If you had a Gini what would you ask?

Please share with us? we love inspiring thought!!!

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