This is how I keep it up 🙂

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Featured, Video

There is ONE THING we must do!! Always.
When we can.
Every day, if it is possible.
Otherwise, we struggle with doubt and fall asleep.

What is that, do you ask? 😊

It is to learn the habit of uplifting ourselves.

When I talk about SELF I always mean:
Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit.

First, we need to remember we have the power to do so.
Second, it is a practice.

This way of living is what all great teaching is about.
To be, to become, or to stay in high vibration, doesn’t matter what the situation is. 

Is it easy?
No. It’s actually the hardest thing to maintain.

But every time you succeed, you, your mind, and your subconscious mind become stronger.
Then we live with more flow.

I just uploaded a new video on my Youtube channel to share with you one of the shortest and fastest ways to rise up.

You can do it with me, and you will have fun!⭐

I’m a bit nervous to share such a private practice, but I hope it will help you. So if it does, let me know in the comments.

Check it out Here

Voice and Light,
P.s. I danced on one of my own songs called Return To The Light

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