The Thirteen Album


All the tracks on this album are created freestyle and recorded on first take. In one weekend of love, sharing and ritual, we collectively opened our ears, hearts and minds to the sounds of the 13 aspects of the divine mother (shechina) according to the book of creation, of the Kabbalah.

We hope you will enjoy it and use it to expand, play and heal yourselves.

“As a vocalist and sound healer I like to create songs, chants and music on the moment. In the music project “The Thirteen” I recorded a whole album in One weekend, based on the philosophy that every moment, every intention, contains its own songs. The role of the vocalist is to give it a form in sound that inspires and entertains.


I produced the album “The Thirteen” with 13 musicians and one technician. It was a successful experiment in sacred music, recorded on the moment of conception. After years of playing with sound, samples and recording in the studio, I suddenly knew that I must record music coming from the right brain, as I do in rituals. Singing and playing with friends and out of a different place, with no plan or construction. It was a great experience and very healing.”

As a vocalist I lend my voice to world music/dance projects that use music for celebrations of earth and humanity.

For more info about the kabbalistic  Thirteen mothers look
I am very grateful for Kohenet work and the wisdom of their people.

MUSICIANS Galitta works with: Stephan Jankowski-guitar and production. Pablo Nahar – standing bass, DJ Safri sampels, Mola Sila -vocals, Shay Bar-Sheshet -electronics, Michel Stooker – santoor, percussion, Tamar Naveh – percussion, Juchi Cordoba – percussion, Avi Adir – flutes, Hernan Ruiz – guitar, Marko van der Beek – piano, Indra Silar – vocals, Ping Fang – vocals, Shanti Devi – vocals, Yoav Lachoviski- drums and percussion. Avishai Roet -bass, Yotam Tal-guitar, Tom Kwakernaat- standing bass.



“Your CD “The Thirteen” is in my heart & soul. Your music, art, & being is such a precious gift! The deepness of your soul, the greatness of your spirit is heard in your wonderful voice. You understand all the layers of human feelings and emotions through time, dream-, and vision- states back to the Shechinah & divine feminity.

“Mekonent: The Mourning Woman” was calling me for a long time “to acknowledge my tears.” Today I cried hearing “Neviah: The Prophetess” for “the ability to speak out and be heard.” Pauline

“Your songs touch me where healing is required. Your voice moves me deeply, gives me goose bump for guides, angels, ancestors, and all aspects of the Shechinah are singing through you, bringing me home!” Shira


The Thirteen front cover


“Sound can affect us on the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

On the physical, sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure…All the various parts of our body are also in a state of vibration, from the various organs, tissues, bones, etc.

On the emotional and mental bodies, music is very effective. In particular, music affects the limbic system, that aspect of the brain which governs emotional response.

For the spiritual body, both sound and music can be equally effective. In particular, I believe that self-created sounds such as mantras, vowel sounds and harmonics are most powerful, though of course, listening to either recorded or live music or chanting can also be very effective.”

Jonathan Goldman

Galitta's Shamanic drum


This song is the first  track on The Thirteen album. It was the first recording in a weekend of ritual music making, a get together of musicians and singers inviting the Midwife to manifest her message with music.





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