The Story of how life took me BACK TO THE BEGINNING

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Do you sometimes feel blocked every time you’re trying to reach something?

  • You’re trying to manifest something. 
  • You’re trying to make something meaningful and creative. 
  • You’re trying to change the world, your life, and your relationship. 

But every single time you just bump into this invisible barrier blocking you from reaching your goals.  It’s just there and you can’t seem to find your way around it, and then you find yourself going against your own self. 

Somehow, you self-sabotage and you feel stuck. I want to let you know that I’ve been where you are, and I get it. You might not think so, but I’ve been in your shoes. I know all about those feelings, I know what it’s like to have your life fall apart at the seams.

A Confession I Have To Make

It seems maybe that I always have it figured out, and that I have it all together, but it’s not true. I had my time when everything crashed and squeezed me to lie in the darkness of the holes in the floor. 

It’s horrible. It’s paralyzing. It feels like you’re going to be stuck there forever, in that dark place where nothing ever changes, nothing ever gets better. It can feel like a big, black hole that you’ll never be able to climb out of again.

And so I didn’t come out of there for a few months. It felt like I didn’t have a foundation anymore. Everything in my life just broke into pieces. I stopped my work. I closed myself in my house and I didn’t come out of there for almost two years. 

Yes, it happens. 

Sometimes we face challenges that bring us to despair. I remember how terrifying it was. It was dark, and I didn’t have anyone there with me to help me find my way back to the light. But what happened is from the bottom of everything, I discovered that there is a path of healing that takes us into the core of ourselves and connects us to everything that we are. Suddenly we are in tune with something that is bigger than us, that brings us to the life we really meant to have. 

And this path never ends. It’s a road. It’s a journey that is created by you and has been received or not received by the world. There is a way of understanding the game of life through what the ancient tales have told us, and also what science shows us. There are things inside yourself that can give you the power, the energy, the focus, the clarity, and the motivation to move forward and create your life. 


Fertile Ground Studio Amsterdam

My Big Announcement

So this is the big announcement I want to share. 

When things came together, I started to give workshops and I started to teach people what I was learning about the power of the voice, the Medicine Wheel, and our subconscious mind, how to heal ourselves and our families, how to work with shadows, how to use creativity for healing and meditation, how to connect to our soul mission and how to bring it in alignment with our daily life. All of those things I was doing, teaching, and enjoying seeing how those transform the lives of other people. 

I was looking for a way how to pass it on so more people can have a faster route to their manifestation. I had this strong will inside of me to help others get out of the pit they were in because for me it took a long time. I had lots of different layers of packages and things I had to solve, but it was part of what I needed to learn. I work deeply with ancestors, I work deeply with the creative arts, and deeply with the effect of sound and all those things. 

It is this mission that led me to start giving workshops and doing retreats. I started teaching and also I had a center that was called Fertile Ground Studio – the place where I wanted to gather this energy and create this family of people that want to grow and expand themselves. 

It was a beautiful place. It felt like home because that’s how I create places – very homey, very motherly love. It was kind of an island place of creating togetherness that I was longing for since I moved to Holland. And the way of operating that is in unison with nature and with humanity.

Fertile Ground Studio Amsterdam But after a few years, I had to close the place. 

People were very disappointed but I felt that I reached the limits of how much I can do it in that way, there was something in it that was not working for me. It took me a while to understand what needs to happen, and that I was coming against some of the limitations of myself and my belief systems. I had to learn new things. 

When I closed the space, I said to people, “Don’t worry, we will find a way how to do it online.” And that took me a few years. 

I thought that doing things online, will be the solution. I thought it would be easy to transition all of our events to virtual. But now, months later, I found myself struggling to find a way to make it work. 

I want people who come to my space to feel like they are truly being cared for. I missed the energy of a live event. The feeling of touching people to have group healings and circles. That sense of connection that’s so hard to capture on a screen. I just found myself lost in trying to find a way how to put all those things together.

Now, I’m letting you in on something BIG. I am very happy to announce that I am finally now bringing it all together!  

In the last few years, I found that doing things online is wonderful and powerful. I found a way how to create and give people transition, transformation, and healing through other mediums, other than touching physically and being in a subspace. But then I still missed the performance and the impact of people coming together. So I decided to combine and have the online and the life together. 

I have to admit that as part of my sole mission is to build a tribe and a community, I need to go over this fear that I’m not going to make it again and resolve past life traumas about that. So then I thought, okay, how I’m going to call this? Then my guide said, “Why don’t you call it Fertile Ground Tribe?” And I thought, “What, what, what, again? I cannot go back to something that I already finished or that I feel has failed or didn’t fulfill its potential or that I didn’t make as good!”

Galitta in the Fertile Ground Studio in AmsterdamBut then the more that I thought about it, I realized that it’s the same mission, it’s the same vision, it’s the same philosophy, it’s the same energy of people, it’s the same me with the same wish. And suddenly, there was a click! I need to bring back the tribe but this time, in a way that is organized better, that is effective and more sustainable.

Suddenly I felt the flash – the feeling of correction, feeling that closing of the circles, showing that life has this amazing order. If you listen to your higher self, it’s all coming into being in the way that it’s always meant to be. 

I felt an inner peace and inner joy by knowing that now I found a way how to make it really accessible for everyone to get this teaching of how to go out, how to take the journey, how to use your voices, show your colors, find your joy, and be the change. 

I found a way for others to know how to navigate through the darkness and start that journey towards manifestation in the exact way that they need. I finally found a way to make people feel supported and have everything that I wished somebody had for me when I was at the bottom and on the ground squashed with nowhere to turn to, with no family around. with not anybody who understands me, with no money to back up, with lots of nothing. 

And I feel very excited about it. It’s a monthly program that simultaneously happens with the live event, so you can work on it anywhere you want—even if you’re traveling! 

Fertile Ground Tribe logoIt’s all coming together. It’s called Fertile Ground Tribe. 

If you see yourself as a magical seed and have that wish to become a full-grown tree, you’re welcome to be a part of the tribe. Everything you’ll need to get inspired will all be made available on my channel and in my love letters. 

If you want to join a journey that actually transforms your life, where you can see changes every month that passes, you can join our wonderful membership online.

I just can’t wait to show you this new program. I am so excited to share it with you. The best part is, that I found a way to make it affordable but still effective, creative, and inspiring. I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve been working on, and experience it yourself.

You can join us, you can try it, you will see if you like it or not, and you can subscribe anytime. And this is it – this is my invitation. I would love to see you there. I love for you to say yes to your potential, to the reality that you want to create, and to join us in this program where I show you the way of how to overcome all of the pitfalls that are on this journey. 

That way you can have your own hero journey, become the bigger person that you are meant to be, and shine in the world in any way that makes your heart happy—the same way that your soul is happy and practically manifests the life that you want. 

So I’ll let you know more details soon. Until then, I hope to see you there!

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