The Sound Healing of The Mother From The Thirteen Album

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Channeling the mother with my friend Tamar was such an experience full of discoveries about the dynamics and complicated ideas we have about mother love.
Introducing The Mother ( Eim) from the “The Thirteen Album: Sound Healing with The Divine Mother’s Archetypes” by Galitta’s and friends.

Each track on this album was crafted spontaneously, recorded in a single take during a weekend of love, sharing, and ritual. Together, we opened ourselves to the resonances of the 13 aspects of the Divine Mother, as outlined in the Kabbalah’s book of creation.

Meet Eim, the mother.
She brings the gifts of caring. Today I invite you to read, listen, move, and write. Embody this divine woman in your life. Start with reading her words and message and then follow the instructions given to take the Sound Journey and do the exercises – created and recorded through her inspiration.

Her Words:

I am the mother who gives you the union with your twin flame.
I am the one who offers infinite love – all you have to do is accept it.
I’m the mother that reminds you how loved you are and how much you deserve love.
I’m a mother with an abundance of compassionate and unconditional love.
I remind you what love truly is
I connect you to your divine mother’s love.

Her Message:

“Let me be the ground you fly from, knowing you are loved and cared for. Let yourself melt in my arms so we can both enjoy the precious moments. With time you’ll trust the support the earth is giving you.

Water & Fire

Water, love, nurturing, Divine mother of the world, sustenance, motherly love, community, compassionate listening, parenting, a guide to the innocents.

Where in the body:
The whole back of the body

Tamar Naveh – kalimba, vocals
Galitta Tassa- Voice and artwork 

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