The song Expanding Field: a love songs for dreamers and artists

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Blog & Stories

I wrote and sang what I wanted to say to my mother, who after 71 years of servicing everybody joined a theater group and allowed her inner performer to come out. She found her abilities and joy and I hope she will continue to shine. 💖

It’s a love song to believe in our dreams, in the possibility of expanding our consciousness and daily life possibilities.

I sing in English, Hebrew, and light language and I hope you feel the expansion of love.
This is the song Expanding Fields from the Album Made of Stars.

Made of Stars is a collaboration between Dj/Producer Leo Melcherts Jr. and Singer/ songwriter/Sound Priestess Galitta Tassa, who share the passion for the power of sound frequency and music to raise consciousness. This album is a celebration of the union between masculine and feminine universal forces, mixing sacred music, electronica with meditation and dance.

All tracks are recorded in the healing frequency of 432Hz.
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