The Most Powerful Way to Ask for what you Need

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Do you know what is the best way to ask for what you need, especially from the universe?
What is the best way to bring our request to a clear focused ball that can be delivered and understood?
When times are tough sometime, we need to ask for what we need in the purest way.
When our head is so full of wishes, worry, desires, and fear that our request doesn’t get clear, doesn’t come across. and we don’t receive what we are asking for.
Sometimes words can not express everything, we need a broader range of tools.

When my newborn baby was in intensive care and was about to go through a scary procedure. I, her mother, was send to the parents’ room. There out of my despair and hope, my fear and strength come out of my voice, my heart and spirit a chant.
it had no logic, structure or a plan it was just there to keep me breathing and help my heart wish of a recovery for my baby girl to become a light ball I can send into the vast intelligence of life. This experience and the amazing recovery of my baby girl has changed my life. The power of our voice, all of our voices were showing themselves to me.

Today, valentines day, it is also a full moon. The perfect time to send your heart wish and request to the source of all life. I have made you this video to help you sing/chant a powerful prayer that can help you do that in a beautiful way.
What do you need? Clarity? health? a job? are you sending blessing for someone else?

Bless yourself and sing.

The combination of sound, melody, vowels and intention projected with love and passion create a strong force to be heard.
The most powerful way to ask for what you need from life is to use your voice to pray.
In this video I teach you a wonderful song/chant that I have created to cope with my little baby in intensive care. It served me since then in many ways and I sang it also in other people ritual of health and love.
I hope you will use it to send your own request to life.

Most Powerful way to ask for what you need

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