The Message of the MIDWIFE architype From The Thirteen

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I am thrilled to share the transformative power of music with you through the enchanting sounds of “The Midwife,” the first track from the album “The Thirteen, a creation born from the collaborative energy of an incredible group. Later I envisioned the faces of the Thirteen Grandmothers with meditations and profound messages they bestowed upon us.

Let the melodies embrace you as you embark on a journey to honor all facets of your being and celebrate your divine femininity! Meyaledet: The Midwife The gift of manifestation or “bringing into life” Meet Meyaledet – the midwife. Today I invite you to read, listen, move, and write. Embody this divine woman in your life.

Start with reading her words and message and then follow the instructions given to take the Sound Journey and do the exercises – created and recorded through her inspiration.

Her Words:
I’m the mother that supports your birth and rebirth. I am the one who knows the beginning of everything in creation and the end of everything in creation. I’m the one who assists the birthing mother and the emerging baby. I’m the mother that helps you manifest and grow. I’m the nurturer of all life. I teach you to define that quality that you bring into all that you create in the world. I remind you of your unique value and unique gift. I remind you that everything is always changing and that transformation is a good thing.

Her Message:
“I can help you to be in your body, anticipating the birthing of every moment. The quality of every breath brings high-frequency light that is eternal. Feel and enjoy its swimming and dancing in your body”.

Element: Earth & Air

Keywords: Air, Birthing Process, First Breath, Gardening, Healing, Mentoring, Creating New Projects, helping the growth of Trees, Animals, and Everything that Springs from the Earth. Where in the body: Sexual organs and up to the chest. Each track on this album was crafted spontaneously, recorded in a single take during a weekend of love, sharing, and ritual.
Together, we opened ourselves to the resonances of the 13 aspects of the Divine Mother, as outlined in the Kabbalah’s book of creation.

Discover the Thirteen Divine Mother Archetypes: Meyaledet – The Midwife: The gift of manifestation Na’arh – The Maiden: The gift of exploring possibilities

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