The Courage To Change The Things We Can. Session #2

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Featured, Video

What a surprise.

Now that I put my health, and my marriage back on track 😉 I took some self-care time to raise the frequency, as we all need that right now.
“Who wants to help?” I asked and the party started.

I decided to start without following the guidance and to follow the Medicine wheel and the wisdom of the elements to raise the frequency. Because we are in the darkest days between autumn and winter it is a special energy.

courage to change what I can

What came out was interesting.
The serenity prayer, inner child, and some great animals spirit came out to help us. It ended with such a great feeling.

The Serenity Prayer

I hope you will enjoy this video and give yourself the inner peace we all need at the end of this autumn season and the beginning of winter.

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