The art of Automatic writing in spirituality

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Automatic writing is one of the lesser-known techniques to connect with your soul. Anyone can start automatic writing to explore their inner voices or to gain a better understanding of themselves.

What is automatic writing?

Also known as intuitive writing, it is the price of writing without using the conscious mind. Automatic writing can be practiced by a person when they are in a trance state or fully awake and alert but have no control over the actions of their writing hand. In modern culture, automatic writing is used predominantly for spiritualism to channel spirits or inner voices. But that’s not the only way how it is used. During the Surrealistic Movement, artists used this technique to stimulate their creativity and produce original artworks. In science, automatic writing finds its place in Freudian Psychoanalysis and is used as a therapeutic technique to deal with the ailments of the mind.

There are enough critics of the technique who also believe it is impossible to write subconsciously and that most people write with their conscious minds. However, as we advance in science with a better understanding of both the conscious and subconscious mind, it is becoming evident that automatic writing can be a skill that can positively contribute to enhancing an individual’s life.

Benefits of intuitive writing

Through my spiritual sound healing approach, I help people strengthen their ability to write what their subconscious mind has to say. It is incredible to see how people can transform their lives with a bit of practice of automatic writing. While it is difficult to list all the benefits of automatic writing, we still list some main advantages.

It can calm the mind and generate inner peace that has a centering effect on the body. You feel more content and connect with your inner self.

Automatic writing is especially beneficial for people who are often confused or have difficulty focusing. It can give them better inner clarity and a birds-eye-view understanding of things.

You do not have to rely on an external medium or person to connect with your soul or higher self. Intuitive writing can provide all the spiritual guidance you need.

It is also known to balance the third eye chakra and the throat chakra, healing the ailments associated with blockages in these chakras.

Automatic writing can also sharpen your intuitive abilities, like sharpened focus, developed senses, and improved primal gut instincts.

As you practice various forms of automatic writing, like mandala painting, you will get in touch with your inner voices and will be able to make wiser decisions.

If you often struggle with self-expression or are misunderstood, writing can make you feel more supported and understood in life.

Ultimately, all the above-listed benefits pave the path for exploring your true purpose in this life.

But this is in no way an exhaustive list of the benefits of automatic writing. As you will start practicing, you will learn how precisely it will enrich your life; no one else can predict it for you. Gradually, you will discover that intuitive writing is a form of spiritual alchemy.

Benefits of Intuitive writing

How to start with automatic writing?

Although a simple technique, it can be challenging to practice intuitive writing. Here are some tips I tell my clients to get started.

Set aside a time and space

Automatic writing sessions must never be rushed. You have to give yourself as much time as needed to express what needs to be expressed. Don’t put pressure on your brain to achieve it with time constraints.

Create a space where you can be mentally relaxed. Set a time when you will not be disturbed or interrupted. Automatic writing is a form of inner work practice like spiritual sound healing that nourishes and revitalizes your inner self.

The whole purpose of automatic writing is to access guidance from your soul, especially if you struggle to hear it in daily life.

Focus on the query you need guidance for 

You must have a clear question in mind; it helps to write it down in a journal. Focus on the question that’s bothering your peace. The more emotionally charged the question will be, the clearer the response of spirit writing will be. Address this question to an entity in particular such as your soul, unconscious mind, or a spirit guide.

An example question can be, “Dear Soul, why do I keep fearing commitment?”

Keep questions simple.

Enter a gentle trance

You have to ability to self-induce a gentle trance easily. It is a state of altered consciousness and is highly helpful for automatic writing.

Some common ways to enter a state of trance are to listen to music, yogic breathing, chanting mantras, guided meditations, or self-hypnosis.

Let the information flow 

Once you feel ready to write, let it come to you. Don’t worry if it is unclear at first or if you cannot maintain a stream of information.

As a matter of fact, if you are not aware of what you are writing, that’s a good thing.

Also, judging yourself based on Intuitive writing is very common or analyzing the writing skeptically. When you find yourself overanalyzing, just bring back the trance state.


We hope this guide will help you start practicing automatic writing and better control your inner self.

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