What will you create in the world if…

In the Month of August, we talk about expression. In the summer season, when we are exploring the Physical voice, body -love and the element fire we can express ourselves in a new way and explore what we have to say or create.

The down side of my creativity, Yes, there is one!

Our essence is creative. Our heart is creative. Our mind is creative. Our body is creative Our Spirit is extremely creative. Everything about being a human involves the creation, in my opinion, and our lives are created in the making and in total correspondence with...

Day 106 – Craft and Abundance

Day 106 of my 108 days Journey challenge to intensely appreciate life. What do I intensely appreciate today? Unpacking my bags after visiting my family I feel so rich and so inspired. I have bags of spices, herbs from the garden, seeds from 3 beautiful trees (one...

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