Super short meditation to have more faith and trust

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Meditation, Sound Healing, Video

The other day I sat in the garden and tried to focus and relax, but felt insecure about somethings relating to people I love. I felt that I can fall to deep worry and fear and I wanted to stay in high vibration so I can support my family, being calm and centered.
It is not an easy time for most of us these days, so I closed my eyes, inhaled the fresh air, and invited my spirit guide to advise me and comfort me.

When I sensed my guides present I heard You need more faith and trust.
“it’s easy for you to say that, “I told my invisible friends.
“Today I don’t know how to get there” I admitted
“Let’s just take a little, journey,” They said
“Take your recorder and see if it works to share it with your friends,” They said

This Super short meditation helped me, so I hope you enjoy it too.
If you do, Let me know how you experienced it?


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