How Do We Stay Happy When The World is Hurting?

by | Jul 24, 2016 | Blog & Stories, Video | 0 comments

I am in the second cycle of my 108 days of happiness, asking the question How do I stay happy? and like most people, these days, I’m meeting world events that are hard to see and feel.

Following the Goddessa program, I decided to make a video about my #2/12 cycle conclusions.

The Second Cycle from the 12 Action Strategies is: Decide and that also come to the front of my awareness.
I made some decisions that free up my mind and my future actions.
I decided to spend more time being the voice artist that I am.
To love my past
To believe in the future
To take actions to give my self-results
To communicate my truth
To make more videos
To enjoy my new home
To use the change to improve my habits
To start to volunteer
To use my voice to bring more love
To stand my truth
To accept I am creating the future I want
To accept what I created until now
To write my book everyday
To record my new song and the new way I like
To ask the universe to send me the best team
To work in a new way
To continue my Gratitude Journal
To use more of my illustrations in my HG brand
To build a new and fresh social life in my new location
To enjoy the small community I move too
To love my life path and what I brought me
To accept that life on earth is challenging for sensitive people, women, artist, peacemakers and heart-centered people and live and stay happy anyway.

Conclusion: I can contribute to world happiness only after doing the first two stages 1) live like a happy Goddessa 2) Lead a happy family.


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