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Stars in my worldSpiritual Meet ‘n Greet with Monique Held, Galitta Tassa and Anthony Giesbergen

The Spiritual Meet ‘n Greet, the second edition at The ABC Treehouse, is meant for people being interested in spiritual awareness and personal growth and how to adopt and rely on intuition in their day-to-day lifestyle.

At the Spiritual Meet ‘n Greet, Intuitive Medium Monique Held will outline several expected challenges and possibilities for 2015. Monique has a Master’s degree in Reiki and has HVE degrees in Energetic Therapy, Psychology and Aroma Therapy and more than two decades of experience with intuitive mediumship. She is also author of the book Intuïtieve Kracht. This book is in Dutch and the English version will be released next year.

We, as the team of Atlantic Healing, will introduce a new Intuitive Power Academy. Once a month you can join these educational classes to maintain or increase your personal intuitive level. Please check our website for details.

At the event we will enjoy a live performance by singer/songwriter and sound priestess Galitta Tassa. Galitta enter-trains and heals with the power of her (and our) voices. Her passion and love is to take us on a self-discovery journey with music, voice and meditations. To date she has led hundreds of performances, events and workshops worldwide.

The spiritual Meet ‘n Greet includes a related Subconscious Art exhibition created by Anthony Giesbergen and you will also have the opportunity to meet other like-minded professionals in the fields of Astrology, Hypno-therapy and Life Coaching.

The ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam

Sunday, November 30th – 14:00 to 16:00

Cost: €5

Special Note:
Would you like to join? Please register here http://www.atlantichealing.nl/contact

Contact Information:
Atlantic Healing – 0657272265

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