Know Your Spirit:
Connect and Heal with Your Spirit Guide

Step by step online course and guide to help you to know yourself, develop your intuition and to build confidence about your life path with the support of your personal spirit guides.

This unique guided course includes:

  • 6 Teaching and demonstrating videos
  • 3 Shamanic Sound journeys audios
  • A working book with all lessons and exercises
  • An Extra Shamanic Sound Journey To Meet your Muse

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

How this course will help you

“My life is passing me by and I still haven’t done what I really want”.

I met so many people who dedicated their life to their profession and persuade based on what their parents, or their culture told them to do, until they get to a point where they can’t do it anymore. The lucky one gets inspired to change or bark on a journey to know themselves more. Others are forced by a painful challenge to look within and align their life to a true purpose. Our inner voice and especially our guides always answer our questions and have our best interest to live a fulfilling life.

“I can’t do meditation, I can’t focus that long”.

For a long time I could not sit still in meditation. The practice of meditation is proven to positively affect our mind and body but endless hours of being present could not help me when I was in crisis. When I learned to take a shamanic journey I was so surprised to realize I went so deep for a whole hour effortlessly.

There is nothing like having a fast and unique access and language with your own spiritual team and own subconscious mind.

“I have no one to talk to about this”.

Few times I tried to talk and have advice with friends and family about my innermost struggles or wishes, but I found that most people carry different prejudices and projection, fears and negative emotions. That is the human way.

I still love to talk to people, but sometimes I go first to my guides who are ALWAYS loving and want my benefit first. People have a limited view on our situation, Like we do, But Spirit Guides always guide us from the biggest picture and from the service of our Soul and Spirit.

I’m a very trusting person and sometimes I didn’t listen to my own intuition and acted in a way that harmed me. Now, I lead my life from my most inner knowing and I often have a writing session with my spirit Guides and Soul family. Actually my team is growing and helps me expand my inner in my life and I am so grateful for that.

“It cost money to pay experts every time I need to connect”.

In the beginning of my journey, I connected to my guides and higher self through a third person. I didn’t know how to have my own connection to Spirit and I didn’t really trust my own intuition: inner knowing (Claircognizance) inner hearing, (clairaudience) inner feeling (clairsentience ) and inner seeing (Clairvoyance).

I believed only a few people could have this gift and skill, so I spent my hard earned money to have a session with a wonderful woman medium.

Then, in one session, while she channeled my guide, she opened her eyes and said, as him: You know you have the ability to connect with me directly. You don’t need to go to this woman ( how rude! 🙂 later the woman medium, confirmed and encouraged me to learn to connect with them myself. And everything has changed and improved.

Know Your Spirit

This is for you if:


  • You feel you’re holding yourself back from embracing your full power.
  • You know there is more to you and to the life you want to create.
  • You’re curious about your spirituality but don’t know where to start or how to go deeper.
  • You feel you don’t have enough time to explore your intuition / inner knowing.
  • You feel you would like to be supported on your spiritual path and earthly success.
  • You’re ready to manifest the life of your dreams.

Your Inner Voice Course is the first step on our journey to know ourselves using The Four Voices ™ method.

In this first course we are going to learn the basics of Know Your Spirit.

So we can start our journey to self-realization and happiness.

“Your Spirit Guide helps you remember who you are on a soul level. It always reminds us to listen to our own voice beyond the noise of our ego and is loving us always and unconditionally.” Galitta

Why did I create this course in this way?

I tried many meditations and practices to connect to my Inner self and to my guides, but only when I had a Shamanic Journey with a shaman from the americas, did I get to see him vividly and experience all of my senses in the experience.

In a shamanic Journey you go deeper to feel at home in your subconscious mind.
The power of creation and miracles is not “out there” it’s inside your own self.
In just a few seconds you have access to the whole universe from inside yourself.
It is a huge freedom.

Just imagine when you have the answer to any question ready for you, you just ask, you can travel to the past, the future, to your own akashic records. You can travel to talk to people and resolve painful situations with no effort except your focus and intention.

Your guide will take you anywhere and show you anything you need to know, feel or understand so you can grow as a person and as a spiritual person. In this course I teach you how to use your intention, imagination and your creativity to sharpen your natural intuition.

That is why I started to take people on a shamanic Journeys, because the positive effect of meeting yourself in a theta brain wave is life changing and confidence boosting. Then I created the course so I can take you step by step with Video and audio and show you how to create building blocks that build your, what I call, Inner Kingdom.

What you’ll gain from this course


  • Connection to your Inner Voices and Spirit Guide and tools to evolve the relationship
  • Connection to your OWN internal source of power
  • Regain confidence and clarity in who you really are and the magnificence you came here to create
  • Effortless guidance in dealing with daily choices and problems

What to expect:

This unique guided course includes:

  • 6 Teaching and demonstrating videos
  • 2 Shamanic Sound journeys audios
  • A working book with all lessons and exercises
  • An extra Shamanic Sound Journey To Meet your Muse

You will receive access to all of the material course and bonuses and can use it in your own home and at your own tempo.

The Course Program

Lesson 1: We start with learning where to find your spirit guide

  • Find Your Spirit Guide – explore your definition of a Spirit Guide and learn more about this infinite source of wisdom and where to access it.
Lesson 2: We take a sound journey that will introduce you to your inner kingdom.

  • First Encounter – entering our inner kingdom – A sound journey to open your sense and connect to your inner world, including a MP3 download.
Lesson 3: We address any underlying fear we feel about receiving love and guidance.

  • Making Space for Connection – In this step, we do a short healing session, to clear fear, to release negative and open to receive love and wisdom.
Lesson 4: Meet your Spirit Guide with a powerful sound journey.

  • Sound Journey to Meet Your Spirit Guide – Join me in my powerful Sound Journey to meet your spirit guide, including a MP3 so you can take the journey anywhere.
Lesson 5: How to develop the relationship with your spirit guide with creative tools?

  • Develop your Relationship – We explore different fun ways to communicate and create with your guide.
Lesson 6: Integration Session

  • ​Integration – Learn how to bring your insights and connectedness into your daily life. Maintain your connection with a practice.
Lesson 7: Extra Sound Journey Audio Session to Meet Your Muse

What You Will Learn and experience

  • Master entering your own subconscious – a deep state of trance- meditation
  • Learn about expansion of consciousness and ascension
  • Nurture a connection with your spirit guide – a deeper connection to your core self
  • Experience the inner peace, health, and confidence from that connection
  • Heal emotionally and mentally
  • The power of intention and manifestation
  • Open up your creativity
  • Liberation of fears that inhibit connection
  • Strengthen your intuition and focus

What you seek is seeking you. Rumi

Are you ready to meet, create, heal and connect to your personal guides?

This unique guided course includes:

  • 6 Teaching and demonstrating videos
  • 2 Shamanic Sound journeys audios
  • A working book with all lessons and exercises
  • An Extra Shamanic Sound Journey To Meet your Muse

What people said about it

“Gorgeous workbook and gorgeous video’s Galitta: it all breathes a high vibrational and inspirational vibe and is full of higher knowledge. It uplifts my spirit receiving this and the message from my guide.

It all makes me feel carried and cared for and enforces my belief that there is a place for me in this world, that I can bring my potential out and be(come) a happy, inspiring force myself who can leave a positive mark in the world.
I am grateful that I can take this journey with you Galitta”.

─ Pauline de Koning

“Galitta, thank you so much for making space for people to experience their true essence, to receive guidance, to become aware, and understand and respect what is beyond the mundane”.

─ Dominika

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 – How Long will it take me to connect to my Spirit Guide? 
You go through the video and audios in your own paste and listen to the shamanic Sound Healing more than once. Everytime will give you a new experience with your Spirit Guide or other Guides you will ask to meet.

Question #2 – Where can I find the course material and how long do I have it?
This course material (Video, audios, workbooks and PDF) are hosted on a special member site and after you receive your login you can access it anywhere and anytime on your Phone, tablet or laptop.
Set yourself up in a space that is the most comforting to you. Turn off your phone and give yourself the space to go inwards.

Question #3 – What is a shamanic Sound Journey?
Galitta’s Shamanic Sound Journeys are healing sessions, a combination of guided meditation, shamanic journey, and sound healing. In a meditative state, we use the power of visualization, the power of the shamanic drum to bring our brain waves to deep relaxation, and the healing sound of the voice to activate and create healing and transformations.
Shamanic Sound Journeys are the most effortless way to release old pain, fear, anxiety, confusion and doubt and connect to our divinity ( Guides, Angels and Higher self)

Question #4 – Can everyone connect to their Spirit Guide or have a Spirit Guide?
Yes, We all have Spirit Guides, soul family, guardian angels and many other forms of energy that are assisting us with our life on earth, lessons and growth.
If you have the will, take the time and have a subconscious mind ( which we all do according to Jung) you can easily learn to navigate in your own Inner kingdom.
It is your birthright to open more room in your own kingdom castle and I am happy to guide you on this journey.

Question #5 – What is different about this course then other courses?
This course uses my most powerful audio tool called shamanic Sound Journeys.
Sound Journeys uses a unique combination of Shamanic and sound healing tools, bringing us to a deeper level of our subconscious. You can use these sound journeys audios again and again to return back to your authentic self, to your inner kingdom, strength and intuition.

“The Sound Journeys are tremendously transformative. Galitta’s voice, sound, music, words and energy she gets you in a trance and gets you to understand the deeper meaning of yourself.

I listened a few times and for me personally it changed a lot. It touched me in a spiritual and emotional way, healed me, transformed me, gave me insights. I began making different choices and started to listen better to myself. My body started to speak in a very clear way, finally I was able to understand it. I came home to myself. Thank you Galitta for being a guide on this amazing journey”

─ Marjolijne Blackevoort

This unique guided course includes:

  • 6 Teaching and demonstrating videos
  • 3 Shamanic Sound journeys audios
  • A working book with all lessons and exercises
  • An Extra Shamanic Sound Journey To Meet your Muse

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