Sound Journey with Galitta and Frank

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SacredEnergyThis Month, Frank and I will host great musician David Golek to help us take you to a new musical trip of meditation.

Do you want to relax and forget your troubles?

Do you want to explore the magical dimensions of your inner world, and come home into the vastness of your Being? Would you like to experiment with your voice in a safe and nurturing environment?

Then join Galitta and Frank in their monthly Sound Journey: a joyful adventure into the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, drum and voice.

Music, sound healing and shamanic meditation are a wonderful way to clear up our emotional and mental state.

Like water, it is a gentle yet powerful way to deeply relax and let go. You’ll emerge from the Sound Journey with a clear mind, open heart and a renewed sense of purpose.

The intimate setting of the Fertile Ground Studio and the warm company of fellow-travelers make the evening complete.

The Sound Journey is collaboration between Galitta Tassa (shamanic journey and sound healing) and Frank Mannens (Tibetan bowls and sound healing).

Every month they invite a new musician to be their special guest and add extra color to the Journey.


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