Sound Healing of the Mourning Woman from The Thirteen

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Blog & Stories, Featured, Video

Meet the Grandmother who is dealing with the mourning and releasing grief.

In this playlist, you can find the sound healing of The Thirteen Grandmothers of Creation.
Each track on this album was crafted spontaneously, recorded in a single take during a weekend of love, sharing, and ritual. Together, we opened ourselves to the resonances of the 13 aspects of the Divine Mother, as outlined in the Kabbalah’s book of creation.

Her Words:
I am the mother that gives you the strength to accept the shadows of the world. I am the mother that helps you accept the pain of your ancestors I’m the one who helps you see the truth. Even though it’s painful, I give you the voice to express the pain of separation and injustice. I am the one who lets you see your pain, speak your pain, and bring it forth from the depths of darkness into the light. I permit you to cry, to shout, and to say the unspeakable. To shout with no words, to express vowels from deep within you.

Her Message:
“I am the voice of the ancestor – our mothers and grandmothers and of their pain, the unspeakable trauma of all the generations. Acknowledge your tears and deep healing will come. When you turn to your own inherited pain and move towards healing, you honor your ancestors and bless your family and all humanity”

Earth & Air

Transformation, Pain of change, Comfort to the bereaved, Burying of the dead, healing the mourners, facing cataclysmic change, the sorrow of rebirth, knowledge of passing seasons.

Where in the body:
Throat, vocal cords, mouth.

Michel Stooker – santoor, percussion
Tamar Naveh – percussion, vocals
Juchi Cordoba – percussion
Indra Silar – vocals
Galitta Tassa – Channeled vocals, shamanic drum
Production and Artwork: Galitta


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