Sing Alone Mantra With Four Magic Words For Blessings

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Blog & Stories, Featured

Ever wonder how words and sounds have this amazing power to heal and uplift us?

It’s like they have this secret magic that can make everything feel better.
Well, let’s dive into that magical world and explore just how incredible the power of words and sounds truly is.
Now, let’s dive into the real magic stuff—intention.

It’s like the secret ingredient that gives our words and sounds their mojo. When we put our heart and soul into it, we’re casting spells of love and healing into the universe.
It’s like being a wizard but with way cooler vibes. And then there are mantras, they’re like the ultimate playlist for the soul.

Each is packed with ancient wisdom and power that can blow your mind. And get this, the more you sing them, the deeper they sink into your bones. It’s like unlocking this hidden treasure chest of good vibes inside yourself.

Repetition is where the real magic happens. It’s like practicing your favorite song until you can sing it in your sleep, but instead of sounding awesome, you’re transforming yourself from the inside out.
Every time you repeat a mantra, it’s like you’re leveling up your spiritual game, one chant at a time.

So I hope you sing with us and bless yourself and your family.

This recording is from the album Made of Stars,  a collaboration with Leo Melcherts Jr.


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