Use Your Voices: Two Day Workshops EARLY BIRD

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kick start your journey to know yourself and express yourself with confidence and joy.

Use Your Voices workshops help YOU to find your authentic voice and purpose so you can create the life you are born to have with inner power and joy, without wasting years procrastinating or doubting.

The Workshops:

Live workshop on 19 March 2023 in Amsterdam –Connect and Know Spirit and Your Inner Voice
Connect and Love Your Body and Your Singing Voice.

You will:
 how to enter our inner world and our subconscious mind with shamanic Sound Journey technics.
and command it to our will to create peace of mind and a clear vision.
Release fear by using the physical voice to bring healing to your body and joyful expression to your life.
Deeply connect to your voice, grounding, pleasure, sensuality, and manifestation abilities.

Live event on 16 April 2023 in Amsterdam – Connect and Heal Your Heart and Your Emotional Voice
Connect and Lead Your Mind and Your Mental Voices

You will:
Learn how to activate the Heart and Mind Coherence with sound and voice
Release old pain and let the inner child come out to play 🙂
Understand our choices and beliefs, and how to transform our shadows.
Experience positivity and master thinking and new habits.

The outcome of the workshops: 

You will …

  • … know how to navigate your own subconscious mind
  • … feel aligned with your purpose
  • … feel more confident in your being and presence
  • … know who you truly are and who you are not
  • … have a new level of confidence and personal/ professional presentation
  • … have the tools to understand your own brain and spirit and how to maintain your growth on a daily basis
  • … be able to think, create and act out of your own unique powers and talents.
  • … master your talents and pitfalls and how to work with them on a daily basis




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