Sound Journey to Meeting Your Inner Kingdom

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Meet your Inner Kingdom

Welcome to the Sound Journey to meet your Inner Kingdom
This Sound journey is a short drive into our inner kingdom. opening the senses and getting familiar with the shamanic journey and sound healing of the voice.

Start this Sound Journey…
Before you start to remember:

Take care that you are not disturbed.
Make your room beautiful.
Get comfortable
Use Headphones if you can
During this Sound Journey remember…

You are the MASTER of your own inner world. You don’t need to do anything – just allow the guidance to lead you. You can take this sound journey as many times as you like. You will find that you will have a new experience/insight time and time again. If you feel like going on a different journey to one I’m taking you on this Sound Journey feel free to follow it!

Sound Journeys are a combination of Guided Meditation, Shamanic drumming, and Sound Healing. In a meditative state, we use the power of visualization, the power of the shamanic drum to bring our brain waves to deep relaxation and the healing sound of the voice to activate and create healing and transformations.
Happy Goddessa Sound Journeys are the most effortless way to release old pain, fear, anxiety, confusion, and doubt.


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