Shamanic Sound Journey to Meet Your Future-Self


Galitta’s Sound Journeys are a combination of Guided Meditation, Shamanic drumming, and Sound Healing. In a meditative state, we use the power of visualization, the power of the shamanic drum to bring our brain waves to deep relaxation, and the healing sound of the voice to activate and create healing and transformations.

Sound Journey to Meet Your Future-Self takes you to see a glimpse of your future and interact with your guidance and open your insight into what is your potential future.



I saw, heard, and felt myself in another time and space with such clarity. Your future may not be revealed in one go but you will definitely start to build trust in the path you shall take from that moment on. This is not just a one time off exercise, but a ritual, a place you go whenever you need guidance. Galitta’s voice and music will lead you through a warm and fascinating Journey as long as you are willing to take in the quest with an open mindset.

Your beautiful, authentic, wise voice not only energizes and grounds me, but you also guide me skilfully through the “ Sound Journey to Meet Your Future-Self”.
I keep listening to you, absolute top, thank you!
Peter Bastiaan



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