The Thirteen Album


All the tracks on this album are created freestyle and recorded on first take. In one weekend of love, sharing and ritual, we collectively opened our ears, hearts and minds to the sounds of the 13 aspects of the divine mother (shechina) according to the book of creation, of the Kabbalah.


  1. Meyaledet – The Midwife
  2. Na’arh – The Maiden
  3. Chachama – The Wise Woman
  4. Leitzanit – The Fool
  5. Tzovah – The Guardian
  6. Mekonenet – The Mourning Woman
  7. Doreshet – The Seeker
  8. Neviah – The Prophetess
  9. Gevirah – The Matriarch
  10. Ba”Alt Ov – The Medium
  11. Eim – The Mother
  12. Ohevet – The Lover
  13. Oreget – The Weaver

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