Shamanic Healing Session


Private Shamanic 1: 1 healing session.
In Zoom or in a distance

The purpose of this Healing Session is to give you fast insight, clarity, relief, and release of blockages, shadow believes, and clearing of old hurt.

Before you buy:
You can book a free call HERE:  If you need to be sure that you want a session.

How it works after you buy:

  • I contact you and You tell me or write to me about the issue or question you want an answer to anything that bothers you, anything that is on your mind, any issue you want insights and healing about.
    If you need clarity you can fill up this questionnaire:
  • We book a session time, and then I do the session without you. You can be in meditation if you like but you also free to do anything else.
  • I start the shamanic journey and get the answers and the guidance for you from the 6 directions and from your guides and ancestors.
    You don’t need to be present but I will let you know the time so you can do what you need to do to receive the distance healing.
    I will also do the healing that is necessary to help you with the issue, question, or problem.
  • I make a video report for you with all the answers, guidance, practical tip, and how to continue further.

Buying you agree to the term and conditions Read HERE


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