Private Healing Program: One Month Guidance


A program to support you in your transformational Journey:


  • 4 weeks of a Support program
  • 1 Shamanic session of an hour through Zoom
  • A weekly correspondence and care
  • Audio and other tools support as needed

Take action to change your life by working with Galitta and heal what needs to be healed and express what you need to express.

Before you buy:
You can book a free call HERE:  If you need to have a talk with me about your needs.


  • Release emotional pain, from past relationships or other situations and strengthen your emotional life, to become solid and centered.
  • To be connected to your Source and Guidance system, refind lost passion, faith, creativity, and love.
  • Open your inner vision: See who you are and what your soul mission is on earth.
  • Find your physical, emotional, and inner voice and learn to activate your mind voices to be constructive.
  • Start your spiritual journey to the Bigger You (if you didn’t’s a must)


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