Inner World Peace Special Spring Celebrating


Inner World Peace Special Spring Celebrating
Online Workshop and Ceremony

For people who want a brand new start of living with joy and purpose.

21 March Spring Equinox and the start of the New astrological year


🦋Welcome: This Springtime needs to be celebrated with full FIRE.
🦋Body and voice activation to burn the debris of the past, our shadows believes,  our pain, and illusions need to go on the bonfire and transmute to clarity and a new sense of purpose.
🦋Shamanic Sound: We will go on a Journey to Balance Our Three Centers to create a healthy flow between all of our Missions. The Soul mission, Heart Mission and Life Mission.
🦋Singing the Ho’oponopono prayer for world healing.

When we will light the Fire of Hope and Inspiration

21 March 2021 @20.30- 22.00 CET Amsterdam,

19.30- 21.00 London time,
11.30-13.00 AM San Francisco
14.30-16.00 PM New York time.

Zaandam and online
( those who are signing up will get the link to the online event and the replay afterward)

Free Guided Visualization With Sound Healing

Let me share with you my morning activation to help you clarify your vision for the day and uplift your morning practice in Just 7 minutes.

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