Inner World Peace Special Spring Celebrating


Inner World Peace Special Spring Celebrating
Online Workshop and Ceremony

For people who want a brand new start of living with joy and purpose.

21 March Spring Equinox and the start of the New astrological year


🦋Welcome: This Springtime needs to be celebrated with full FIRE.
🦋Body and voice activation to burn the debris of the past, our shadows believes,  our pain, and illusions need to go on the bonfire and transmute to clarity and a new sense of purpose.
🦋Shamanic Sound: We will go on a Journey to Balance Our Three Centers to create a healthy flow between all of our Missions. The Soul mission, Heart Mission and Life Mission.
🦋Singing the Ho’oponopono prayer for world healing.

When we will light the Fire of Hope and Inspiration

21 March 2021 @20.30- 22.00 CET Amsterdam,

19.30- 21.00 London time,
11.30-13.00 AM San Francisco
14.30-16.00 PM New York time.

Zaandam and online
( those who are signing up will get the link to the online event and the replay afterward)

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