INNER WORLD PEACE Event March Venus Blessings


Inner World Peace is a heart-connecting event with a shamanic journey and a playful healing singing concert hosted by Galitta.

Ready to connect and be inspired?

You are invited to join us in an event of deep relaxation and joy.

Theme: Venus Blessings

We create this safe space for all of us to be and connect to ourselves and others.

Experience the magic of sound and singing to discover the power of your inner and outer voice.

We begin by taking a shamanic sound meditation to travel to Venus and receive the divine goddess’s blessings of love, beauty, and abundance and share that blessing with women all around the world.

We marinate in peace and love frequency, which is lovely and revitalizing.

After the break, we continue with a mantra-singing mini-concert with Galitta and friends and open our voices and hearts to sing and manifest our vision.

It’s so fun.


Secure your ticket now for a transformative experience where you’re not just heard but celebrated.

For any questions contact Sharie Banu: at 0626062313

What is a shamanic Sound Journey?
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