Shall We Face Our Shadow Together? to find TRUE LOVE?

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Let me tell you a secret. I talk to myself. I actually should say I talk, write, and negotiate with all the parts of myself. Sometimes I even let a neglected part of me sing its truth to me.
Because when a part of me is doing all it can to be miserable or to drive my family crazy. I need to have a serious talk with her, him or it.
It is true freedom to go to the powerless part of myself and change that.

Let me give you an example: You are invited to a party.
You know you are going to meet great people and have a good time.
You know that it will be important for your work or personal life, maybe you will even meet the love of your life, but….You also afraid to go, you feel insecure, “don’t have anything to wear” and choose to stay at home.
A part of you is a chickening out and it ruins your social life and now, you are afraid to stay alone forever…
What do you do?

I tell you what I do.
When I come against myself, wanting two contradicting results: I talk to myself and I bring another little shadow back to me. and I love it.
I will go and talk to miss chicken S#$% with love and compassion until she/he is not afraid to go out of the house.

I sometimes I write our communication, in a workshop, we do that in theater play and voice and in healing sessions, I take them through a sound Journey to meet and talk to their own shadow in a guided meditation.

It is so powerful that you can even start to lose weight, conquer fears of public speaking, find the love of your life. In essence, help us achieve all the joy we want in life.
Because when we talk about different parts of us we bridge our conscious (7% of our brain) wish with our subconscious mind (93% of our brain)
If there is something you want: a good relationship with your daughter, for example, and in actuality, you are fighting all the time. You want to show your daughter you love her but instead, you keep criticize and aligned her.
Then I would suggest go deeper and ask to talk to the shadow.

So if you could connect to a part of you that you think that is holding you back.
Who would it be?

Almost 20 years ago, when the world fell on my head and I broke to pieces (or so I thought) I started my Shamanic Journey to understand what is going on. What I experienced changed the course of my life.
I met my inner queen and my inner queen and they were at war!!! I tell this story in this video.


On my 49 birthday, I started again a Goddessa Journey to bring myself back into wholeness with Sacred Marriage between my inner king and inner queen.

I confess I hope to enter the doors of 50 with being, living and feeling even more as a Goddessa and that is a choice we all have to choose. If you a man or a woman, 20 something or 70 something.
So how Your inner queen is feeling?
How is your inner King? are they both alive and fulfilled?

If you take this moment to look at your life, which shadow would you like to transform?
Your inner critic, that is tiring you with negativity and self-blame?
Your you inner victim that makes you feel weak and powerless?

Please comment, reply and answer me, I really NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE, so we can both go further and get better together.


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