Satsang with Isaac Shapiro

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Love reflectionThe first time I visited satsang, I was just curios. I heard Isaac talk about the here and now and I new he can teach me something I didn’t get yet. So I went to satsang where he invited anybody to sit with him and ask a question or share an observation. They called it “meeting in truth” and it is.

Being there gave me such peaceful feeling that I could not identify it source and I was captivated, I went every single evening he was visiting Amsterdam, for two weeks.

He was talking about our mind creating illusion that kept us in constant resistant with what is, that create suffering. This idea was new to me, later the book “the power of now“ of achhart toller will teach the same issue but Izik didn’t only talk about it, he let you feel it until you see your own mind trickery. Every time another person came to tell their story or question you could see what they could not see, be amazed about it, and then discovered you where doing the same thing in your own way.

Then I understood what was happening, in the space the satsang created, my mind got quite and I could see in what mental noise I was living in.

On the first night I sat to ask my question, I was sure he would not find a solution to this enormous pain. But he asked me “who are you”? And I could not answer; I said I can not see it. And he said It can not be seeing, the people in the room obviously heard it before, they where smiling at me with amusement.

He was guiding me to feel myself beyond my body and my mind until I found myself expanding to universal IS. He called it “that one who is aware”.

That felt strange and peaceful and I tasted it. Experiencing BEING beyond the limitation of our mind is liberating experience, and I kept coming every night for two weeks.

Every person brought his own universe, and the verity of the people and the problem and the culture and attitude made the satsang to be the best, surprising theater I had ever seen. Evolving with this satsang I could see that every character exist in us so when we didn’t like someone or looked down at some body all it showed is our relationship to ourselves. That made my work with my Sub personality deeper on more profound. Every time a person will treat Isaac as a guru, he will turn him back to himself, with love and humor. People came with terrible stories and trauma but they would leave with a shining face.

I have learned a lot about my own resistance parts and my holding on to struggle, I kept going every year they visit, and I m still grateful for satsang of izik Shapiro.

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