Day 8 – Reflection and time

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TwodropsSo, Here it is day 8 of my #108 days of Intensive Appreciation.
100 days more to go and I am looking back at what has happened.

1) was I crazy to start before I am ready

My inspiring teacher Marie Forleo said that, but the truth, it was not meant for me.
It meant for procrastinating people, who wait to have everything perfect and therefore they never start their business or creation.
I, on the other hand, have the opposite problem.
I am a compulsive creator and I jump from idea to action.

My big challenge, the last year, was to learn to create a space between idea and action and learn to plan and make a strategy.
So I did that since 2013 and it gave me clarity and some organization order and hopefully will bring me to results.
But was it fun?
No!! So many ideas had to be left on the table, while I build the muscles to learn to plan a head.
Did it make me happy?
No, the truth is my inner Wild Dog was miserable.

SO I let her run for 108 days and see where we get too. This week was about intention and clarity.

What do I intensely appreciate today?

I intensely appreciate the family time, children time, free time, swimming time, me time, nothingness time.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I intensely Accept the new me, a new version that trust more, relax more and listen to guidance more.

Was I intensely honest about who I am and was loyal to myself, today?

Yes, and I never argued with myself about it, even once.

What I am intensely creating and do I share it?

I completed the illustration infographics I am creating. I was drawing the whole week and now I am ready to make the watercolor version.

Question for you;
Which personal times are your favorite? 


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