The Protective Golden Egg- A Morning Activation Meditation


A short MP3 visualization download to activate your protection field and clear boundaries.

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This short Meditation activates your energy field to be clear, strong and protected. Use this every morning to be ready for the day.
just download it to your phone and add it to your morning routine.

Start this Sound Journey…

Before you start remember to:

Take care that you are not disturbed.
Make your room beautiful.
Get comfortable
Use Headphones if you can
During this Sound Journey remember…

You are the MASTER of your own inner world. You don’t need to do anything – just allow the guidance to lead you. You can take this sound journey as many times as you like. You will find that you will have a new experience/insight time and time again. If you feel like going on a different journey to one I’m taking you on this Sound Journey feel free to follow it!

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