Personal Program

To know yourself -deeply- so you can express yourself with confidence.

Healing yourself and self-expression is my thing. One goes with the other.
Releasing the past, finding freedom from shame and guilt, boosting confidence and spiritual connection, building relationships. It’s what I do on all levels and I LOVE IT!

I do this with the power of an authentic voice, that is My PASSION.

It’s not easy going through the shadows to manifest more joy and light. That is normal.

I can help.

In the past 12 years, I have worked with many different people: from overwhelmed young mothers to ambitious creative entrepreneurs. And I would like to help you as well.

You don’t have to spend years with pain and confusion, trying to figure out your life. Stop the madness, my friend. It’s time for you to get what you want and need.

Healing the past brings us more freedom & creates inner space to hold more light.

Annette Haeberling

The sessions gave me a beautiful inner peace and most of all a deep contact with my true self. Physically I could totally let go and immerse into my soul and see through it with an eye of love.
I felt that during this second session I could let go faster and be connected quicker.
I wasn’t expecting anything anymore and did just let go and welcome what was coming. And it came, my beautiful forest was all around me and the golden cover embraced me and transported me into the 7th plane without any interruption of my mind. It was beautiful, soft gentle and powerful. And what is really special about it, is that since that session, some images come back sometime and transport me back to that state of contemplation. It is a beautiful gift for myself.

The Results

  1. Release emotional pain, from past relationships or other situations and strengthen your emotional life, to become solid and centered.
  2. To be Connected to your Source and Guidance system, refind lost passion, faith, creativity, and love.
  3. Open your inner vision: See who you are and what your soul mission is on earth.
  4. Create your life by YOUR design, not by default.
  5. Find your physical, emotional and inner voice and learn to activate your mind voices as you would like it to be.
  6. Start your spiritual journey to the Bigger You (if you didn’t’s a must)

Your time and motivation are the most important. The willingness to transform is already the biggest step to change.

The sessions are based on Four Voices Framework

Your personal program includes supportive audios and videos to support your journey.

Disclaimer – if you come into contact with Galitta, your life may change. You may become more aligned, energized, liberated, whole. In short: happy and healed. Galitta is a catalyst and cannot be held responsible for your happiness, but you can.


Oda Meiberg

“When I was working with Galitta I could feel it, that things move, shifts, change got different taste, name or structure. The release came and that is a lot, right? letting go whatnot serve you, that is in the way of self-growth, without consciously knowing it was on my way.

Working with Galitta is not alone, beside the two of us, which was contact on weekly basis, there were many other guides, spiritual guides that joined to help me and her.
So I take it with me a “rest”, kind of new beginning. Just one concrete example before I says thank you: Knowing I’m creative which I believed I was not… Thank you”

Caroline Lindo

Thank you for manifesting such an amazing space for us to blossom in.
It was a beautiful experience for me, it opened a lot of things up inside of me, some painful, some pleasant, but all healing and welcome.

Piet van Hein

In a few short sessions with Galitta, I cleared up a lot of stuff that stopped me from sending my message into the world and is successful in my business. She helped and coached me to reconnect with my true passion, strength, and energy. With very practical exercises where I can clear up emotional blockages myself, I now feel I can tackle the tasks at hand for my business and approach the right audience, something I was still very uncertain about. She not only helps you with the technical aspects of speaking-singing but more importantly with more the inner aspects of what you want to get across to your audience. Galitta is highly spirited, energetic and beautiful person who will surely get you where you want to go, whether you are male or female the ‘Happy Goddessa’ is for everyone who wants to put their message out there in the world.”

Marcia Sanders

When I met Galitta I was a witness to the perfect match between Goddess and Woman.
She has the gift to manifest and to bring the best power of every woman. I always feel very loved around her and I love her sense of humor. Galitta brings the gift of the throat chakra, to find your space, to own it, to find freedom, compassion, and shine!

Daniella Rubinovitz

I had a great experience working with Galitta on her sacred voice and sound journeys. Because of this program, I have created an active bond with my voice and ancestor line within me. This allows me to be in connection with my core, which as an artist is key. It is wonderful to practice these methods and would recommend her interactive journeys for everyone!

Is it time?

Healing the past brings us more freedom and creates inner space to hold more light.

I help YOU expand your command over your life, your voice, your mind, and heart, with the help of The Goddessa Guide to Happiness, a method I developed to emotionally survive the world.

There is nothing I enjoy more than to see you living the life you are meant to live – sing the song of your heart – and walk through life with juicy and daily happiness.

You are the only one to decide it is time



  • Find pleasure with your voice and body.
  • Guide you to reconnect with your inner voice and higher wisdom.
  • Balance your emotions and find peace and joy in your relationships.
  • Live with a healthy command of your thoughts and purpose.

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