Podcast: Awaken the Medicine Within with Natasja Pelgrom

by | Jun 25, 2022 | Blog & Stories, Featured, podcast

I had an excellent talk with Natasja, who created this podcast and has grown so much over the last years and is a great inspiration as a woman and a healer.

Talking with her and sharing stories from our ancestors and how we women of this time can bring a new consciousness to our world.

This is what we are going to talk about.

  • Our ancestor’s stories and journeys and how they influence our present life.
  • Working with your lineage, and Galitta’s Yemen and Cohen ancestors
  • How to approach your ancestry if you disagree with their stands and past actions
  • Guided shamanic practice on calling your ancestors seven generations back
  • Journey of stepping into your own medicine
  • Working with collective trauma
  • The Power of our voice to heal and empower us
  • The Journey to work with the Four Voices starts with our yin and yang, the inner and outer world.
  • Why the creative and healing arts are so powerful and needed to raise our vibration and how.
  • Our collective voice and our power to raise consciousness on the planet
  •  Working with light language
  •  How our children are our teachers

Natasja with Galitta Tassa on Ancestor Work, Journey to Work with the Four Voices and Raising Our Consciousness

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