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If you knew how much power you have in your voice, in your mind, in your heart and in your body, you would not hesitate to truly love yourself. You would truly expand your unique genius part to the rest of us. Can you imagine how that would be? This might sound blissful but unattainable. Chances are you’re currently hiding some parts of your brilliance.

Our online products and live events inspire and activate you on this journey towards being happy and whole.

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“I connect you to your authentic voice and inspire you to stretch your wings, fluff your feathers and sing your own song”
Galitta Tassa

Your Voice Can Heal Your Life

The Four Voices Framework is the method we use in all of our products, courses, events and guidance. It’s a tool that allows you to navigate all of your being: your body, mind, heart and spirit. They all have their own voice.

The key is to listen to all these voices. We all have blocks or issues preventing us from reaching wholeness and manifesting our full potential. When we give way to all voices, we can liberate ourselves from these blocks and reunite all of who we are.

Meet Galitta

Galitta Tassa is the originator of the Four Voices Framework, inspirational speaker and storyteller, singer and songwriter, sound healer and spiritual teacher. She guides men and women towards more joy, fulfilment, connection in their lives. By using a mixture of teachings and tools to get people to reconnect with their body, mind, heart and spirit (the four voices), she helps people to go from feeling unsure and restless to feeling whole and happy.

Know Yourself, Express Yourself

“A loving initiative to manifest peace collectively”

Sing With Us to Create Inner Peace, and Collectively Manifest World Peace

Galitta’s Latest Blog

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A Story: A Surprise Trip with Miss Regret

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The Woman I Am Becoming

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