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If you knew how much power you have in your voice, in your mind, in your heart and in your body, you would not hesitate to truly love yourself and to truly to expand your unique genius part to the rest of us.

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Hi, I am Galitta,
I am a Happiness Priestess and a transformational midwife on a mission to awaken us all to the powers of the human mind and heart, body and spirit.

I create, teach, write, compose, illustrate, speak and perform in everything under the sun to inspire individual people, teams and audiences to find and activate their authentic voice.

I was raised by a village full of pomegranates and fig trees where all cats are named Mitzi but now I call Amsterdam my second birth place.
I am happily married to a tall Dutchman and we have two wondrous kids and few animals.
I joyfully take my tribal roots, music and craft to everything I do and everywhere we go.

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Can We Accept Our Power?

Can I accept my power? I will be frank. Today the answer to this question is apparently no. I want too. I believe I should. I have great arguments as to why I should and how important it is for me too. I have great discussion points about how, when we accept our...

Do You Miss Your Artistic Spirit?

This morning, an artist friend came to visit me, while I am recovering. We talked about comedy, creativity, expression and healing pain through the arts and later I realized this.

Build It And They Will Come?

My creative animal is getting restless but hopeful. For years she was an obsessive creature, that was super productive but a bit misguided. But last months I caged her, yes, I locked the door and said in a soft voice "you will wait here quiet until I will come to pick...


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